Diagnosed </3

This is about a 17 yearold girl named Olivia.She was diagnosed with cancer when she was 13 and then was cured at 15.She is now cancef free and livivng each day of her life to the fullest. One day she meets a charming boy,Harry Stlyes,and he changes her life.But Olivia gets sick...reallt sick and ends up in the hospitla.Did the cure ,medicines only cure her for two years or is she just a really bad sick and will get better soon? Will she be Diagnosed again?? (One Direction famous)


1. diagnosed.

Oliva is 13


No ones POV


I'm sorry to tell you this way but your daughter Olivia Mari Jones is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.(totally made that up) What NOO!! She's too young..Olivia's mother cried.Her father and two siblings were there too.Her dad was crying and trying to calm Olivia's mother down and her siblings,

Nathan Jones,her brother (15 yrs)and her younger sister(12 yrs) were crying too.Lots of tears hit the floor that day especially from Olivia's mother and sister.They told family and Olivia's CLOSEST friends were told about her cancer and were allowed to visit her.They shed tears but the most were shed by Olivia's  best friend  since kindegarten,Charlotte Gonzalez.Charlotte locked herself in her room for days and cried herslef to sleep.Olivia never wanted Charlotte to leave and neither did she,but their parents were the only ones taking that away from the two friends.Two years later Olivia was cured and stronger and healthier than ever. Olivia missed so much in those two years but was happy to be back.

First day back


Olivia's POV


I was told the good news that I was cured. I was so happy words couldnt even describe it. During my cancer yaers only six people could cheer me up.It seems like a lot,but it wasn't.Those two people were Charlotte my bestie and One Direction.I loved them and the song through the dark and Don't forget where you belong they reminded me of my life wjile I was in the hospital. One Direction saved me.They're my heros.In my eys they are my WORLD,but in their's I'm olny just a fan.One out of the millions of fans they have. After I got out I was tooken home and I saw my room.It was redecorated.I had posters of One Direction and a little bear of One Direction.My blankets were leopard print and I had some new braclets,clothes,shoes and the One Direction albums.All three. I saw a Little One Direction planned.There was a note on it.

''Hey baby welcome home,this is your little surprise..there's another in the planner..open it! (: I love you..forever and always...Love always your mommy xxx'' i smiled at the note and went to my closet.I still had my little jewelry box my grandma gave me.I opened it and put the note in  there. I then opened the planner and saw an envelope.I opened the envelope and saw back stage passes and tickets to One direction's WWA tour.''For you an whom ever you want tp go with you.Lots of love dad''the note in it read.I put that up too and ran to my mom and dad.I hugged them and thanked them.The concert was six months later on the September 22.I can't wait!I wnet to sleep because I wanted to look nice for my day back at school.



hope yall like it!! I know another fan fic but I got this idea and thought it waas good and didnt want it to go to waste. anyways comment/fav/like cx ohhh and this story is gonna be different than the othe fan fics (: Ohh guys Louis is 22 and we all calmed down well almost all lol but ZAYN IS TURNUNG 21 IN TWO OR THREE WEEKS!!1 NOOO!!!! My bbys are getting older they're growing up so fast.Time goes by fast when ypu having fun

you were never on your own and the proof is in this song <333 love that line i feel like this is the song ima replay if they break up IF I loe them so much they're my everything I have been through so much because of them and they made my life so much better and worth something.

Ps...You are BEAUTIFUL and always be yourself


BeYouTIFUL!! <33


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