Trust Issues

Kay knew from the moment she started liking Harry, it would be a problem. She just knew it. As the weeks go by, things start to shake as she feels and loves.....but struggles to trust.


2. The Dream

(Kay's P.O.V)

I open my eyes slowly and I am surrounded by darkness. I reach for my phone to see what time it is but my phone isn't where I tossed it. I notice that my bed isn't against the wall either. 'Where am I?' I think to myself leaning up slowly. Just then, the door flies open and a muscular shadow is in the doorway. My heart stops as I realize that I have seen this all before. The shadow steps forward to me and I peer through the dark to see his face. I see the corners of his mouth curl up on the sides and he leans onto me, his warm breath smelling of alcohol.

This WAS my boyfriend of last year when my family lived in London, England. His name was Jason and he was a huge troublemaker. Got kicked out of school because of fights, drugs, hell he even had sex in the principal's office. He was bad news and everyone knew it. Even me. But the way he would look at me, it would pull me in and soon enough, we were together and unseperable. He was your typical overprotective boyfriend. He would get angry about me talking to other guys. And I guess that was okay because no guy wants his girl to cheat. Of course I understood that perfectly fine. It was his anger that was unsettling. He would throw things, break things, hurt things. But it was when he hurt me that I would get really terrified. He would hit me, kick me, all the horrible things you could ever do to someone, he would do it to me. One night, I was at his house and he was throwing a party. I got tired so I said that I was going to bed and he just shook me off. I hopped in his bed upstairs and after about an our, I woke up to him throwing open the bedroom door. I noticed that the loud music was off and there was no sign of anyone else still in the house. He walks over to me and leans over on me, his mouth wide open so I had no choice but to smell his breath that reaked of alcohol.

"Hey babyy. You sure do look prrretty." he slurs in my ear as I try to push him off.

"Jason get off of me you're drunk." I say struggling under his weight.

I look into his eyes and they are clouded with lust as he grabs my wrist and tugs my arms above my head.

"Shut up I'm not drunk." he spits at me through clenched teeth. He throws off my clothes and covers my mouth.

.....I don't think I need to explain any further.

My eyes pop open quickly as I am breathing heavily and tears are falling down my cheeks. I look around and sigh, realizing that I had a dream about that event. Well I shouldn't say dream..more like a nightmare flashback.I wipe my tears with the back of my hand before I lower my head into my hands. I sit there for what seems like an hour before my father knocks on my door. "Come in." I say, my head in my hands.

My dad opens the door and peeks his head in.

"Sweetie, how 'bout you go take a walk around the park." my father says softly. I don't look up or say anything, I just nod as he closes the door. I grab my phone and open my door as I head down the stairs and out the front door. 'Hmm great, now I have to go explore.' I think to myself as I close the door and head down the sidewalk.

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