Dog Hybrid

You think being a dog hybrid is SOOO easy. Well think again. What if you had siblings, crazy scientists, and of course the wonderful wonderful knowledge of knowing your smallest sibling would die.
Find out the world of Liam Payne. Starting with the day his whole world came crashing down.

*This is something new and I'm gonna see how we'll this works out.


2. Ch. 1

"Liam!" I woke up immeditaely to the sound of my younger brother's cries. I walked into his part of the hut and saw my worst nightmare. Tears dripped down onto the floor. 


I woke up with a start. I have that dream every night. It's the day my sister died. She was only a baby and we never talk about her or Harry will become depressed. He watched his sister die. It's sad really but we need to move on. Besides we have to take care of Louis and Niall. Zayn and Harry can take care of themselves because they are over 13. And we couldnt afford to get them to school, so none of us go to school. Anyways i woke up and went to check on everyone else. Harry's bed was the last place i went. i heard quiet sniffling and i went to see what was wrong even though i already knew what was wrong. I pulled the little, thin sheet back to reveal Harry. He was a mess. I pulled him into a hug and he kept crying until he cried himself to sleep. After making sure he was asleep i went back to my bed and went back to sleep.

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