A Distraction

Everyone has a thing, for some people it's the crack head, for others it's the athlete. For Saphire Winston, it's the middle class complicated one. When at a party with friends, Saphire is greeted by the smooth talking player Miles Larc. They hate each other, they are nothing alike. But when Saphire starts to use Miles as a distraction, the two soon find out that there more alike then they thought. soon enough people start to change, but is it for the better or for the worse?



The music is too loud and the lights are either too bright or not bright enough. I usually don't mind party's but i'm just not feeling it tonight. “Hey Saph! I'll be right back okay?” says my friend Hazel as she goose to a room with some random guy I don't know. I look for my friend Luna to see her grinding on her school crush, she is obviously drunk. My friends and I agreed that i would be the DD for this party but right now i'm regretting it... I could really go for some shots. Oh well, i guess it's Pepsi and Cream soda for me.


I'm greeted with a smooth voice from behind me that I would recognize anywhere. “Why hello Saphire Winston, didn't expect you to be at this party.” That guy? Well that's Miles Larc the most annoying selfish bastard that has ever walked the earth since Hitler. He will have sex with anything that moves in skinny jeans. I hate him.


“Miles don't call me by my full name. When you do it, it sounds like you're going to rape me.” I say

“what do you want?”


“I wanted to know where your friends are, I have been told that Hazel is great in bed.” he smirks. He makes me sick. He's a snake that is vile and cruel.


“Well good luck looking for them because I'm not telling you where they are,” I spit out.


“Oh don't be like that Saph,” he says as he twirls his finger in my hair, “so what are your plans for the rest of the night?”


I can't believe he is actually trying to hit on me! I hate him for even thinking about me like that! What's his problem? “Find someone ells to be your slut tonight, I'm not interested nor will I ever be.” With that I swat his hand away.


“Fine,” he says as he leans against the bar in the kitchen next to me, “I might just have to settle with one of your friends for the night.”


We both look at the people grinding on each other on the dance floor. I look back at him to see that he's looking at me. And then I do something that I never thought I would do. I kiss him. It's not a soft, perfect, sparks flying kiss. It's wet, sloppy, and meaningless. When I realize what I'm doing I pull away instantly and wipe my mouth of anything that has a trace of him. When I look back up at him his eyes are wide and his mouth is open. “Wow. Saphire that was amazing-”


Before he can finish I slap him across the face and pore my half empty cup of pepsi on him. “PERV!” I say. He looks mad now. His face is red and I don't know if it's from my slap or his anger. I don't let him say anything, I just leave, run, anywhere away from that annoying, selfish, bastard.


* * *

It's not till I'm back home when I forgot about Hazel and Luna. Whatever, they will have to find someone ells to drive them because I'm going to ignore there calls and texts tonight. I kissed Miles because it was something to do and I wanted him to stop looking at me the way he was.


When I walk inside my house the smell of alcohol slaps my face. This is not good, Dad has been drinking again. He's had a drinking problem ever since my brother died, on top of that my mom left us. He blames me for it all but I don't know why, I guess it's just another spectacular part about being me. But when I think of it, it could be a lot worse. We could be homeless, I could be an orphan, we could be poor. But where not. My dad seems to keep it together when it comes to work, he's a lawyer. Every night I have to count all the empty bottles that my dad has taken the content of. His average is seven-nine a night. Sometimes I wish I could knock some sense into him you know? But no matter how hard I try he will always in my mind be a drunk.


“Dad I'm home! Are you awake?” no response. He must be asleep, or knocked out. I walk into the living room to watch TV when I see him lying on the floor asleep. I let out a huff and walk to the kitchen to get wet a cloth in cold water. I dab the cloth on Dad's forehead. “Daddy wake up,” I say. After about a minute of doing this he wakes up.


“huh? Saphire there you are! I was worried sick! Where were you?” he yells. He sounds more angry then concerned.


“I-I was with my friends,” I say. I can't tell him I was at a party, he would flip. Get mad and ground me.


“You weren't hanging around with those girls Hazel and Luna where you?” he says in a normal voice. I hate that voice, if he where to yell it would be the loudest voice and it wouldn't get worse.


“Yes those where the girls I was with,” I say with little confidence.


“Damn it Saphire you know how I feel about those two twats! They're no good for you! One of them will end up pregnant and drag you into that world at 17!” now he's yelling.


“Dad just please go to bed... PLEASE!”


“I'm not going anywhere till you convince me that you won't hang out with those sluts-” and with that he fell unconscious. I take the rag and dab his forehead like before. “Dad wake up,” I say. His eyes flutter open.


“Saphire? Oh there you are, ware where you?” now he sounds like the concerned father I wish he always was.


“I was just a Starbucks studying, don't worry about me,” I say. “Daddy go to bed.”


“okay,” he says. He gets up and goes to his bed room and shuts the door behind him. The balloon inside me deflates of pure relief that Dad didn't go crazy again. The room has beer bottles all over the place, I count all the bottles, 10 and a few broken pieces of glass. As usual I clean up his mess, I cringe as a shard of glass makes my wrist bleed. I walk to the bathroom and put a bandage on it, the cut was deep.


I go to check the time on my phone when I realize it's not in my jackets pocket. I run into the living room to see if it's in my purse, but my purse isn't there. Shit! I must have forgotten it at the fucking party! Well thats just amazing news. I feel the urge to cry, so I do. So much shit is in my life but I love it, it's too bitter sweet. I cry into my hands and stay like that for god knows how long until the doorbell rings. The clock on the wall says 1:58. Jeez who's at my door at fucking 2am?


I open the door and see Miles. I feel like slamming the door in front of his face but I don't. “You forgot your purse,” he says as he holds up my leather gold and black purse. I take it.


“Thanks,” I say. I go to close the door but he stops me.


He sighs and starts “I-”


“Miles come back to the car!” a female voice says from behind him.


“just go back to your sex toy for the night.” I say and shut the door behind me.


* * *

I wake up to see Luna on my bed with two Starbucks coffee cups in her hand. “Thanks,” I say as she hands me a cup. After a few moments of silence I start to talk, “hey, can I tell you something?”

“Saphire, what kind of question is that? You can tell me anything, you know that.”

“Just don't freak out okay?” She nods. “Well last night at the party when you where dancing and Hazel was with some random guy, I might have... kissed Miles...”

“Miles Mitty?” I shake my head no. “Miles Atwood?”

“Miles Larc Luna!”

“How did it happen?” she's calm but the look in her eyes shows that she's pissed.

“I don't know.”

“What do you mean 'I don’t know'? There must have been something that made you do it.”

“It's just. . . every body was dancing and drinking, people where making out. He was there, I don't know. . . it just happened. . .”

She let's out a huff, so do I. “What did you do after?” she cringes, haha she must think we had sex or something, typical Luna.

“Nothing you're thinking!” I assure her, “once I found out what I was doing I slapped him in the face and spit pepsi at him.”

She starts laughing and I soon join her. “That's my girl!” she said with a grin.


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