A Distraction

Everyone has a thing, for some people it's the crack head, for others it's the athlete. For Saphire Winston, it's the middle class complicated one. When at a party with friends, Saphire is greeted by the smooth talking player Miles Larc. They hate each other, they are nothing alike. But when Saphire starts to use Miles as a distraction, the two soon find out that there more alike then they thought. soon enough people start to change, but is it for the better or for the worse?


6. Girls Night!

Chapter 6






I met Luna in first grade. I was climbing the monkey bars when I fell right on my back, knocking the wind out of my lungs and scrapping my hands and legs. The rest of the kids laughed at me except for one little girl.

Luna was your typical seven year old beauty. Silky light blonde hair, and an adorable face. She yelled at all the first graders laughing and came up to me. “You need to go to the nurse, you're bleeding,” she had said. She grabbed me by my non-scrapped wrists to help me get up and said, “I'll take you.” She then rushed me to the office.

From that day on, we assigned each other as personal body guards. We've never fought or argues and have been best friends since. Which is why I offered to stay after school and wait for her to finish cheer practice. Then we will both be going to Hazel's place for a girls night in.

I sit in the lunch room trying to do my Math homework when I get interupted. I feel a tap on my sholder and I turn around aiming my sharp pencil at the persons throat, who end up being Miles.

“I like your choice of weapon Saph,” he says. I roll my eyes.

“Is there a reason why you keep stalking me? Or is this just something you do with every girl?” I ask. He grabs my pencil, twirling it in his hand.

“Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm not stalking you Sapphire. I'm waiting for Hannahto finish up a test and then I'm bringing her to our Grandparents. I thought we could talk,” he smiles.

“You thought wrong,” I spit and grab my pencil. I try to return to my work, but he's still there.

“I just wanted to s-” he starts.

“Saph!” I hear from the other side of the room. Its Luna, thank god!

“Yeah, I got to go,” I say. “Good talk.”

* * *

“You ready to go?” I ask Luna.

“Totally! Girls Night! Whoop, whoop!” I laugh. “Girls night here we come!” she yells while turing up the radio.


* * *

“I vote The Notebook,” Hazel votes. We sit in her giant room on her giant bed in front on her giant TV, eating food and doing our nails. Voting on movies is the hardest part of Girls Night. We just finished Just Go With it and now Haz wants to watch a chickflick.

“No girly movies,” says Luna.

“But its a girly night,” points out Hazel.

I roll my eyes, “how about Divergent?” I suggest. We all scream 'YAASSS' as I put in the movie.

I zone out through the movie though, ive read the book eight times and watched the movie six times, I know how it goes. I keep thinking of Miles and I's argument the other day. We usually always fight and the have sex. It's just our very strange way of making up I guess. He said he cared enough about me to talk about my problems. He seems to care, but i still think its just a way to get girls in bed. That's what he dose, I see it everyday. He doesn't care.

I also think of Adam. He seems upset with something. And every time I bring it up he brushes me off. I need to get to the bottom of whatever he's thinking. I can't risk loosing him...   




Okay, you can hate me. IM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING! I just sorta lost hope in the way I was wrighting. but im gonna continue with this story until it ends! i swear! so i need two characters, if you comment what your name is and what you look like you could be a character in the next few chapters! BTW sorry for the short chapter, it was just a filler for what happens next ;)


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