A Distraction

Everyone has a thing, for some people it's the crack head, for others it's the athlete. For Saphire Winston, it's the middle class complicated one. When at a party with friends, Saphire is greeted by the smooth talking player Miles Larc. They hate each other, they are nothing alike. But when Saphire starts to use Miles as a distraction, the two soon find out that there more alike then they thought. soon enough people start to change, but is it for the better or for the worse?


2. Fuck my Life

* * *


The party was two days ago and people are still talking about it! Apparently after I left someone dropped a joint and a whole room caught on fire! I was also told that a huge fight broke out because someone stole five pounds of exstacy! When I herd all this I was happy I left when I did! Things could have gotten worse.

Hazel told me that where getting a new student, Adam, I think that's what his name is. “He's really cute!” she says. I just laugh.

“Have you even seen him?” I say, “I've been with you all mourning.”

“Well, no. But Shelly texted me that Lucy saw Adam with a group of guys, she said he was hot.”

I just laugh again. It's so like Hazel to just know things like this.

* * *

As I'm about to park my dark grey BMW in the school's parking lot, I almost hit some guy. “Hey! Watch where you're going jackass-”

“Sweetheart, if you want that kiss back I'll be happy to give it to you,” he says with a smirk.

“You know what Miles? Stay right there, I wouldn't mind shutting you up with my car!” I say with an innocent smile. He doesn’t move so I start my car and move it closer to him till it taps his knee cap.

“Ouch sweetheart! That hurt.”

“Grow a pair Miles!” Hazel says. We both start to laugh and then he walks away. One point for Winston, zero for Larc. I could get used to that...

* * *


Language is my second last class of the day. Surprisingly, I don't really mind school that much. I mean, yeah it sucks to wake up at like 6:30am every morning five days a week, but it's nice to get out of the house and be with your friends even if all your doing is work.

I don't have many friends in this class. There's just kinda the girls that know everybody. “Good afternoon class,” said Mr. Hopins. “Today you will be doing a book-” he's cut off by a knock at the door.

A boy with dark blond, almost brown, hair walks in. His eyes as dark as blue glass. Attractive.

Then he spoke, “I'm sorry for interrupting, but is this Mr. Hopins class?” He handed a piece of paper to Mr. Hopins.

“Oh yes, you must be Adam Vibe.”

“Yes, that's me,” Adam said.

“Well Adam, sit there,” -he point's to the empty spot next to me- “next to Miss Winston.” YES! Luna and Hazel are going to freak out when they hear that I got to sit next to him.

He flops down beside me and puts his text book and pencil on the desk in front of him. “New?” I whisper.

He laughs, “what gave it away?”

“Anyways,” Mr. Hopins continues, “today you will be doing a book presentation with a partner. The book will be your choice. The assignment is to pretend you are the producers of a book to movie adaptation, this means you will pick actors for the characters, locations for the set's and backgrounds, scenes from the book you would add, scenes from the book you would take out, and you will photoshop a picture of the actors to make a movie poster.” Everybody starts looking around the room or spotting there friend for a partner. “Don't get your hopes up,” said Mr. Hopins, “I have already given everybody partners.” Everybody groans.

He puts up a sign that has names of the people in the groups of two. I rush to the piece of paper to see who I'm paired up with. This sucks, I defiantly do not trust Mr. Hopins enough to let him pick my partner for me. . . I could be paired up with the stoner in the class. I trail my finger on the girls side of the paper (groups are usually girl and guy mixed) to find my name


Saphire Winston...................................................................................................................Miles Larc


It's like Mr. Hopins fucking knew! Fucking Miles! Out of all of my classes, the one class I have with Miles, I get paired up with him. I read something like this in a book. The girl got paired with the guy she likes, she called it fate. Well this isn't fate, it's mother fucking karma!

Someone puts there hand on my mouth and puts my head back so that there lips are on my ear the person whispers, “guess where partners sweetheart.”

“Get off me you pedo!” I yelp as I elbow him.

“Yeah, I seem to have that effect on you a lot lately,” he laughs. We walk over to his desk and we start to talk about the project. To be honest, I think I would rather be with the stoner. It takes us a while to agree on a book but we eventually go with the book 'Divergent' for our project. By then the bell goes off and I storm out of the room as fast as I can.

Somebody grabs my bag from the back and I nearly fall backwards before they catch me. “Miles lay off-”

“I'm not Miles,” says the male voice behind me. I turn to see Adam standing with a half smile.

“Sorry I thought-”

“I know. I don't think I actually got your name. I mean, you know mine, don't you think it's time to return the favour?”

I smile, “Saphire Winston.”

“Winston? Sounds British.”

“My grandad is British. And my first name is my birthstone.”

“Cool, I'm glad my parent's didn't name me after my birthstone. Saphire suits you, but having a boy named 'Aquamarine' would be a life full of being punched in the face,” he says. “I'm sorry you got stuck with Miles.”

“You know him?” I ask surprised.

“Yeah, he's kinda my cousin.”

“And your saying sorry to me?” We both laugh. “What class do you have next?” I ask.

He looks at the sheet in his hand and says, “Foods.”

“Holy shit, really? Me too,”

“That's great!” he says, “it's good to know someone in the same class.”

“You haven't made any friends yet?” I ask shocked.

“Well I have, but, all the guys I've met in the past and all the girls look like there trying to hard to get a guy impressed. Unlike you.” I stare at him. “Sorry, that was suppose to be a compliment.” he rubs the back of his neck.

“I'll forgive you some day,” I say jokingly. He smiles back

We walk to the foods room only to find out that we have study hall instead. So, we sign in and head to the library to talk. Because this is the last class till the final bell I decide to bring my bag with me so that way I can just get the hell out of the dead abyss when I'm allowed. “Thirsty?” Adam asks.

“Parched,” I answer. He hands me a can of Dr. Pepper. I crank open the can and take a long sip, the bubbles pop in my mouth. “So what made you move to Sand Francisco?”

“Well, like I said, I'm Miles cousin. As much of a dick Miles is, all he has is his friend Zeke, his parent's didn't want him to be alone so they got my parent's to check up on him once every month. They eventually got tired of flying from Chicago all the way here so they where like 'Let's just move to San Francisco for crist sake!' so here I am.” he explains. I wonder why Miles would need someone to check up on him, and ware are his parent's?

* * *

I walk into my house and walk up to my room. I don't really give a shit about what I look like in front of Miles so I take a shower, put on jean shorts and a white knit sweater, and just let my wet hair loose.

I walk into the living room to see my dad doing paper work on the coffee table. I kiss his forehead and say, “bye Daddy, I'm going to Starbucks with Luna.” Even though Dad doesn’t like Luna, he likes her a hell a lot more then Hazel. He gives me the 'OK' and I leave to Miles Larc's house





Hey!! So was that good or not? please let me know :) <4

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