Draco Malfoy's Twin

Hi, im Rebecca Malfoy. most people know my Annoying Brother Draco Malfoy's story, but only very few people know mine. I have Brown hair, about down to my shoulders, and my favorite colour is aqua. most people don't know me because I don't go to Hogwarts. I go to Beauboxtonts. Draco and I are twins, but father didn't want us to attend the same school. let me get one thing straight first. I am not my brother, total opposite of him, so don't even try to compare us. for an example, he hated our old house elf Dobby, while I tried to help Dobby. Mother and Father want to try to keep me hidden. I don't know why. but its all about to change, mother is making me switch schools! and worst of all I have to be in a school with my twin! *NOTES* this takes place in The Half-Blood Prince Year. *Cover made by Corkyporky.*


9. Chapter 9 *REALLY SHORT*

Rebecca's POV

Harry took a deep breath then replied with:
"Why not?"

"Because, if you tell them they might hate me because i'm his twin! Get with the program Harry!" I said stubbornly

"But if Draco is up to something and you think its something bad we cant just leave it like this! Even Goyle told you! If its this big we have to at least tell Ron and Hermione!" Harry said defensively.

Well I guess but I don't want them to know about me and my stupid twin.

"Okay you can tell them but DON'T Tell them that im his twin" I said

He nodded and we set off to find Hermione and Ron.

Little did I know that from this point on, everything was going to change.


Authors note:
Sorry for the short chapter guys!



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