Draco Malfoy's Twin

Hi, im Rebecca Malfoy. most people know my Annoying Brother Draco Malfoy's story, but only very few people know mine. I have Brown hair, about down to my shoulders, and my favorite colour is aqua. most people don't know me because I don't go to Hogwarts. I go to Beauboxtonts. Draco and I are twins, but father didn't want us to attend the same school. let me get one thing straight first. I am not my brother, total opposite of him, so don't even try to compare us. for an example, he hated our old house elf Dobby, while I tried to help Dobby. Mother and Father want to try to keep me hidden. I don't know why. but its all about to change, mother is making me switch schools! and worst of all I have to be in a school with my twin! *NOTES* this takes place in The Half-Blood Prince Year. *Cover made by Corkyporky.*


8. Chapter 8

Rebecca's POV

When I got back to Gryffindor I sat on the common room couch, looking into the fire. What should I do? Keep spying on Draco? Or listen to Goyle? I never thought it would come to this but, I'm going to talk to Harry. I stand up and walk to his room, there Harry was working on some charms homework. He looked up and got a worried expression. 

"Rebecca, is everything okay?" He asked

"Well its not, You see I have a small confession to make" I replied

"Okay, continue" Harry said

"Well its just..." I trailed, I kind of don't want to tell him that Draco is my brother, let alone my twin. I took a deep breath, can I trust Harry? Will he tell anyone? Will he treat me differently because Draco and I are related? 

"Rebecca if there is something you need to tell me you can" Harry said closing his charms book.

"Well, its just... Promise you wont tell? Or hate me?" I asked

"No why would I hate you? You are my friend!" Harry exclaimed

"Because, well Draco and I are kind of twins" I said mumbling the last part

"Sorry I didn't hear the last part, something about Draco?" Harry asked

"Draco is my twin" I said more audio-able. Harry's face turned serious.

"But since when? That's crazy he's an only child" Harry said

"No its not, I am his twin. I just went to Beauxbaton instead of Hogwarts. My father and mum wanted us to be separated. Not that I didn't mind. But for some reason mother insisted on sending me here for this year.. I don't know why, but I can tell you that-" I said but Harry cut me off.

"Rebecca can you please just tell me why your telling me all this?" He asked

"Im getting there wait a minute" I said taking a deep breath.

"Okay, so I think Draco is up to something bad for two reasons. one: Goyle told me to stop spying on Draco because Goyle thinks I should be protected from whatever the hell it is. Two: I have been spying on him and I know something bad is going on" I said and Harry jumped up.

"We have to tell Ron and Hermione, Also Dumbledore." He said pacing around the room. I took a deep breath

"I don't want to tell them!" I said

~Irwin's giggle   (~catz2345)

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