Draco Malfoy's Twin

Hi, im Rebecca Malfoy. most people know my Annoying Brother Draco Malfoy's story, but only very few people know mine. I have Brown hair, about down to my shoulders, and my favorite colour is aqua. most people don't know me because I don't go to Hogwarts. I go to Beauboxtonts. Draco and I are twins, but father didn't want us to attend the same school. let me get one thing straight first. I am not my brother, total opposite of him, so don't even try to compare us. for an example, he hated our old house elf Dobby, while I tried to help Dobby. Mother and Father want to try to keep me hidden. I don't know why. but its all about to change, mother is making me switch schools! and worst of all I have to be in a school with my twin! *NOTES* this takes place in The Half-Blood Prince Year. *Cover made by Corkyporky.*


3. Chapter 3

Rebecca's POV

something is so going on. he hasn't come out for like 20 minutes! i then hear someone coming. i look around and see Harry! i crouch lower. "Hey Ron!" he shouts and someone responds its Ron. "Hey Harry!" he says walking up to him. "Wanna go play some quidditch?" asks harry holding up a firebolt. ron laughs and says "I was on my way to the kitchen for a snack, but maybe in like 10 Minutes?" Ron says and harry laughs. "How about we get a snack then play quidditch?" they both laugh and head off in a different direction. then a few more minutes pass by and my twin comes out of doors from the wall? ok... he stops and looks around. then i make this up in like a second im going to keep watching him and figure out what he is doing. i follow him a close but far enough distance. he just goes to slythrin common room... but what is in that room? im walking back to Gryffindor when i run into that Pansy chick. "Look you, Stay away from Draco. he's MINE" she growled then added "Nice hair by the way, did you comb it with a pillow?" ok that is disgusting. "Im not interested in Draco he's closer to me than you think though." i replied Cooley. i then turned on my heal and went the other direction leaving her with trying to figure out what i just said. after that i just roam the corridors. I was looking down because im weird like that until i bumped into someone. we both fell to the floor with a loud SMACK! "Ow!" moaned the guy who i bumped into. i get up and look at the guy laying in front of me. "Sorry Harry, you ok?" i asked helping Harry up. he laughed and said "Its ok. im good. are you ok?" i nodded and noticed he had some parchment in his hand. he pulled out his wand and mumbled something tapping it. ok then?

"Look its almost time for bed.. im going to get going." i said awkwardly. he nodded and kept walking as i walked into Gryffindor. i sat on my bed and kept studying. after a while i got bored. so i just popped open some Bertie botts and started to draw on some spare parchment. a few minutes later i got tired and went to bed. im so tired don't even know what i was drawing. i sigh and turn out the lights and fall into a peaceful sleep.


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