Draco Malfoy's Twin

Hi, im Rebecca Malfoy. most people know my Annoying Brother Draco Malfoy's story, but only very few people know mine. I have Brown hair, about down to my shoulders, and my favorite colour is aqua. most people don't know me because I don't go to Hogwarts. I go to Beauboxtonts. Draco and I are twins, but father didn't want us to attend the same school. let me get one thing straight first. I am not my brother, total opposite of him, so don't even try to compare us. for an example, he hated our old house elf Dobby, while I tried to help Dobby. Mother and Father want to try to keep me hidden. I don't know why. but its all about to change, mother is making me switch schools! and worst of all I have to be in a school with my twin! *NOTES* this takes place in The Half-Blood Prince Year. *Cover made by Corkyporky.*


2. Chapter 2

Rebecca's POV

The Train ride back was nice, we all had fun. we ate and laughed and i didn't have to see or hear from my annoying twin draco. we got off the train and rode in a carriage to the castle. there a lady pulled me aside and put a weird hat on my head. it said i should be in Gryffndor? the lady explained that was a house. i smiled and thanked her i then walked with Harry, Ron, And Hermionie. everyone is so nice, well everyone except for my twin. then Dumbledore went up and said some rules and stuff. I noted not to go in any forest here. even if it is for the younger students. then we had a delicious feast. after that i was off to bed. and it turns out i share a dorm with Hermionie! I sit down criss cross applesauce on my bed and read a potion textbook. its only first day but i like to be caught up. but for some reason i have this feeling. its a bad feeling. i hop off my bed and walk to the common room. its almost empty but everyone in here looks happy and perfectly fine. so i walk out of the portrait and look around. i start to roam the corridors and i heard footsteps. i crouch behind a statue and i see the one and only Draco Malfoy. of course. i sigh and he opens up some weird hidden door. he goes in and it vanishes? ok something fishy is defiantly going on.


sorry for a short chapter, i have been REALLY busy lately. i just wanted everyone to know that the new cover was made by Corkeyporkey, so thank you for the amazing cover! also if there are any spelling errors kindly let me know in the comments. also i have 2 other books i am working on currently. the first one is In Love With A Muggle. (There are 4 books currently.) and the second one is Pregnant With Draco's Baby. so check them out if you want!  I will try and update more often. :)


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