Draco Malfoy's Twin

Hi, im Rebecca Malfoy. most people know my Annoying Brother Draco Malfoy's story, but only very few people know mine. I have Brown hair, about down to my shoulders, and my favorite colour is aqua. most people don't know me because I don't go to Hogwarts. I go to Beauboxtonts. Draco and I are twins, but father didn't want us to attend the same school. let me get one thing straight first. I am not my brother, total opposite of him, so don't even try to compare us. for an example, he hated our old house elf Dobby, while I tried to help Dobby. Mother and Father want to try to keep me hidden. I don't know why. but its all about to change, mother is making me switch schools! and worst of all I have to be in a school with my twin! *NOTES* this takes place in The Half-Blood Prince Year. *Cover made by Corkyporky.*


10. Chapter 10

Rebecca's POV

He told them. They were surprised because I wasn't put into Slytherin.

Apparently its rare for siblings to not be put into the same house, let alone twins.

We all sat in the common room discussing what Draco could be doing..

"I think he might be a death eater" Harry said harshly.

"Your crazy! My brother a death eater?" I said in more of a question

"Well isn't your father one?" Asked Ron

"I don't know, honestly I don't see them often enough to know." I said truthfully

"Lets not jump to conclusions, We will just have to some how go under cover..." Hermione said

"No way! You know who wouldn't believe a disguise! What do you think a beard will work? Ha! No way!" Ron said

"Oh come on! I mean someone has to fake getting close to Malfoy, Rebecca?" Hermione said gesturing to me.

"No, he's suspicious when it comes to me right now as it is." I said trying to think of someone who might be a good person under cover, or a good actor/actress.

"We need someone Draco will believe, a pure blood will be needed of course... Not that im not friends with muggle borns or half bloods, but Draco is more..... selective." I said scanning the common room. I spotted a girl about my age with brown hair and hazel eyes. Her head was buried in a book. I know her, shes a pure blood too!

"Amy?" I asked and she looked up from her book

"Yeah?" She asked

"Would you mind doing us a little.....Favor?" Harry asked


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