It is What it is

What happens when you spill you guts to your best friend about how you really feel will he tale as good news or laugh in your face........


1. Say Something


Riker and I were doing wat we always do goofing around getting into trouble.  After awhile we got into some trouble, so my parents decide we should get out of the house.  So Riker took us to our secret place by the pond.  As we were walking there he grabbed my hand, this took me by surprise.  I looked up at him but he was already looking at me.  i suddenly became very self conscious about myself.  He makes me second guess everything about myself.  I am i good enough?  Will I ever have a chance?  Have I been friend zoned? I was snapped out of my thoughts when...

"Spence what are you thinking about?" he asked me when he noticed i wasn't all there. Without thinking i blurted out something that may change some things.

"You.....oh no"i said realizing it is too late to take back now.

"Oh really what about me....I mean i know i am gorgeous and all so there is a lot to think about, is it  my beautiful eyes or my floppy blonde hair?"

"Neither....i was thinking about how much you annoy me and how i was about to run for it until you snapped me out of my daydreaming"

"For real though..Spence what were you thinking about I want to help, and  if its what i think it is i can definitely help you" he said with his signature wink that made me melt to witness.

"Ok here it goes i guess.......  I have liked you since the first grade when you put glue in my hair and I actually found it funny and when you would tie my shoes for me because you said princesses shouldn't have to."I spit out in one breath hoping he wouldn't laugh in my face.

"Thank God..The reason i put glue in your hair and tied your shoes was because you were my Princess..when i look into your beautiful grey eyes i know i want to keep looking into those same eyes everyday and know that only i can you into them that way. I want to be the cause of you unforgettable smile.  I want to be the reason your happy."he admitted to me without a second thought.

"What you don't know is, you already are.  You have been my prince for as long as i can remember you keep me from harm and protect me in every situation i need protecting from."i was now almost in tears because i was happy, but what happens next may just be what made me cry tears of joy....

"Spencer i have waited so long to do this but..... Will you be my girlfriend..?"he looked at me with anticipation !!


hmmmm...I wander what happens

I am just writing one chapter for right now to see if it is even good and worth writing more cause i honestly dont know:(




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