Letters to Grandfather

A semi-autobiographical story. Sarah Phillips's grandfather has just passed away. She copes with the loss by writing in a diary like she is writing to him.


11. 8 October 2013

Dear Grandad,

It’s been only about fifteen hours since I posted my short story, and I’ve already got several comments and constructive critiques on my story.  I always look forward to them, even if some of the comments are negative.  Some writers would get depressed and give up their current projects straightaway, but to me it feels more like my readers are challenging me to write better.  I said this to Dad earlier, and he told that that was a good attitude to have.

So far my favourite comment has been from BohemiaSky, who is one of my most steadfast fans.  She says, “I know that this was inspired by Tom’s Midnight Garden but I couldn’t stop reading it.  I thought it was ironic that the main character was arguing about her not being a ghost with another girl who was so obviously a ghost.  That twist was inspired!  I especially loved the part where she’s following her friends but they’re ignoring her and she can’t understand why.”  I’m thinking of asking BohemiaSky to be my critique for stories I publish on Café Roman, the social networking site I’m on.

Not much else had been happening in my life between last night and today that's worth talking about, so I’ll just leave it there.




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