Letters to Grandfather

A semi-autobiographical story. Sarah Phillips's grandfather has just passed away. She copes with the loss by writing in a diary like she is writing to him.


9. 4 October 2013

Dear Grandad,

I’ve been thinking about getting a job; it would be something else to do rather than just staying at home except from going to classes and working on assignments.  It will have to be something flexible that I can work around my classes.  I was considering being bookseller.  The Works and Waterstone’s both have vacancies, and I thought it would be fitting, considering that I’m studying to write books.  What better job for an aspiring writer than bookselling.  My only problem is that I’ve not really worked before.  I’ve only done non-paid work at the local Oxfam.  I think I remember telling you about it; I was in charge of the fiction books.  It was quite a while ago, so I’m not sure if I can use the manager as a reference, if she’s still there.

Anyway, I also tried making the blackberry brandy recipe I told you about yesterday.  I bought a cheaper brandy from Tesco, their own brand, as I didn’t want to ask Mum and Dad if I could use one of their more expensive ones from the liquor cabinet as this is a first try at the recipe.  It smelled lovely while I was making it, but I’m not going to able to taste it for a few months yet.  I’m looking forward to trying it, as I like blackberries though I’m not sure if I like brandy yet.

On the dating front, I’ve still not found anyone who really catches my eye.  I’ve had a few messages from men, both young and old (in their forties to sixties), and even one from a woman!  I’m not sure how that happened, since I specified that I was interested in men, not women.  It’s flattering in a way, but at the same time it's a bit disturbing.

In other news; I’m about halfway finished with my Halloween story, so I’ll be able to tell you about it very soon.  So you’ll have to wait just a bit longer.




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