Letters to Grandfather

A semi-autobiographical story. Sarah Phillips's grandfather has just passed away. She copes with the loss by writing in a diary like she is writing to him.


23. 15 November 2013

Dear Grandad,
I was in the attic last night looking for something Mum asked me to find, and I managed to stumble across a box of my old children’s books.  The tape had lost its’ adhesiveness, so it was sort of open.  On top was my old copy of Anne Frank’s diary.  I remember when we read in primary school.  And then we studied the Holocaust in secondary school.  I still have the poster I designed for one of our class projects.
I wonder if anyone will read this diary and wonder about the things I’ve written about and think about the things that they’ve experienced in their own lives.
Anne Frank wrote in one entry, ‘Paper has more patience than people.’  I’ve certainly found it better to write things down rather than explaining things verbally.  I suppose that’s why I’ve never done all too well at oral tests when it came to my language exams.
Anyway, skimming through the book, I realised that I haven’t written much about my friends.  Ella and Lizzie you know since they were at my 18th birthday dinner at the White Hart, but I’ve not spoken about Regina very much and neither have you met her.
I’ll try to sketch her character for you so you have a clearer picture of her. 
Well, let’s see…  Regina has long, wavy dark auburn hair that’s almost brown, tanned skin, with big brown eyes rather like a doe’s.  She’s a little bit shorter than me, by about an inch.  She likes to be called Gina by most of her other friends, but I’m apparently one of the few that she allows to call her by her full name.  She can be a bit on the stubborn side and she has a way of winkling information out of you, even when you’ve resolved to tell her which I think will work in her favour because she wants to work either a therapist or a psychological counsellor.
I’ll also do a drawing of her later to put all this into better perspective.
Talking about Regina, she asked me about my love life today at lunch.  I was honest and told her that my “search for love” is still ongoing.  I haven’t found anyone that really interests me yet, but it’s still early days yet.
By the way, I got my drafts back today.  Professor Petersen wrote a lot of notes in the margin, which I was semi-happy about because it tells what I need to improve on and what I might have to completely rewrite.  I still haven’t thought of a more suitable title, so I’m still using Daddy Long Legs as a working title.


All my love,

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