The Mysterious Witch

What happens if a witch came to Hogwarts and her name is Abby Storm. You see Abby Storm is like any ordinary witch you would see, but she holds another power. She can bend water, but she has to keep it a secret so the fire guards won't kill her. As many events follow Abby has to protect Hogwarts from something terrible in her past. A total of 6781 words.


8. The First Attack

Here we are. The first attack, where everything started to fall in place for He Who Must Not be Named. I walked downstairs to the common room. No one was here. I walked to the Great Hall. Still no one. Where could they be? I thought while walking outside. The Quidditch game! I am so dumb. I ran through the rain to the bleachers. They were so high up. I sat down next to Hermione. 

"Sorry I'm late." I said.

"That is okay. You didn't miss a lot." The game continued. Harry has to catch the golden snitch. If he catches it Gryffindor will win. The rain kept on pouring down on our heads. A few minutes past, then Harry caught the snitch and we all cheered. 


We were in the common room after dinner.

"Great job Harry." Ron said. Hermione, Harry, and Ron are called the Golden Trio. They still talk to me, but they are so distant now. They sometimes ignore me and sometimes they would talk to me. I walked to my room to sleep.


"Get everyone to the Great Hall, now!" A voice was familiar to me. I woke up and got changed. It was still night. There was a knock on my door. I opened it. Professor McGonnagal.

"To the Great Hall Miss. Storm." I nodded and went. I got to the Great Hall.

"I know what you are wondering why I called you here," Dumbledore said. "There has been an attack on some of the students. We want everyone to stay in there rooms no later than eight o'clock. You may leave now. New rules will be set tomorrow." We walked back to the common room. I was about yo go to my room when Hermione said. 

"Abby, tomorrow is Saturday. Do you want to go to the library?" I nodded and went to sleep.


After breakfast we went to the library. I went to check to see my father's record. I picked a book and flipped through the pages. 

"Hermione I found my father." She went over and looked at it. It was a picture of my father and my mother standing and me in the middle. I was a toddler. There was Aunt Xilla and Uncle Davis also. 

"Abby Storm." I turned around. 


"Dumbledore needs to see you." Hagrid said. 

"Bye Hermione." I went to the statue. The stairs were already there. I walked up the stairs and through the door. 

"You need to see me, Proffessor?" 

"Come in Abby. I am sorry to say this, but your village was attacked." He said softly. 

"Attacked by who?" I asked him. 

"The fire kingdom. They attacked last night when everyone was asleep. Many of the people died and they are searching for you Abby. They want you dead." I sat down. 

"Is my aunt okay?" 

"We haven't heard anything from them yet, but I will let you know when the tell me." I nodded and left.


I was in the common room looking at the fire. Helen sat down next to me. 

"She dead you know. Dumbledore didn't want you to feel guilty." 

"I could've helped, if I have known." I said. 

"Your aunt is in a better place now. You know with your mom and dad." I nodded and went to the Great Hall to eat. I sat down next to Hermione. 

"What happened?" She asked me.

"I will tell you tomorrow if that's okay. I don't want to talk now." She nodded. That was when a thought came to my mind. That was the first attack. The first attack, in the prophecy. The fire kingdom can't attack the water village of they had protection to beat the cold. They had help by him.

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