The Mysterious Witch

What happens if a witch came to Hogwarts and her name is Abby Storm. You see Abby Storm is like any ordinary witch you would see, but she holds another power. She can bend water, but she has to keep it a secret so the fire guards won't kill her. As many events follow Abby has to protect Hogwarts from something terrible in her past. A total of 6781 words.


5. Snow

The day after it was snowing. On my free time I went outside looking around. Harry and Ron went to look in the library for someone called Nicholas Flamel or Flame. I don't really know the person's name. I walked in the snow watching it fall. A phoenix came and it was fire. It dropped a scroll. I opened it. The scroll for water benders. Why would the fire gaurds give this back? I thought. I went back to the common room. Nothing really happened for the rest of the day. I just practiced the bending techniques. 


The break was over and Hermione came back. I told her what I can do like I told Harry and Ron.

"Your a bender? I never heard of them though." She said.

"That is because they were hidden." I said. We finished all of our classes. At dinner I was eating when two fire benders came in. Headmaster Dumbledore stood up.

"You have no right of being here." He said. One of the fire guards took off his hood. It was my Uncle Trent or as my father would say traitor.

"Well one of the students have no right here either." Uncle said.

"That student has a right to be here!" Dumbledore yelled. 

"Everyone go back to your common rooms, now." Professor McGonnagal said. Everyone stood up and went back to the common room. 


Professor McGonnagall came to the Gryffindor common room to check on us.

"Everyone go to your rooms. Except Harry, Ron, Abby, and Hermione." She said. We stayed and Professor McGonnagall told Percy to watch us.

"I want you all to stay in the common room, until morning." Uncle Trent came in. 

"I thought you left." She said to him. 

"I need to check everyone's palm." I looked at my left hand. He caught me. 

"Abby?" He looked at me. I looked at him. 

"Abby do you know this man." I nodded.

"Then who is he." Percy asked. 

"My uncle, but he is a traitor to the family." I said.

"We know who you are now and you will have to die." He was about to throw a fire ball at me, but the professors came in. 

"Stupefy!" Professor Snape yelled. Uncle Trent froze in place. 

"Take him away." The professors left. The common room was filled with silence while the snow kept on falling outside.  

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