The Mysterious Witch

What happens if a witch came to Hogwarts and her name is Abby Storm. You see Abby Storm is like any ordinary witch you would see, but she holds another power. She can bend water, but she has to keep it a secret so the fire guards won't kill her. As many events follow Abby has to protect Hogwarts from something terrible in her past. A total of 6781 words.


2. Potions

I woke up in the morning and changed. I looked at the mark on my left hand. I got the mark of water when I was born. When people are born and has the mark of air, water, earth, or fire would be benders. I never knew much about my mother and father. I just know that one of them is a bender and the other one a witch or a wizard. I opened the door and saw Hermione. 

"Hi Hermione." I said closing the door behind me. 

"Hi Abby. We have potions after breakfast and in the afternoon we have flying practice." I nodded. We both walked down the stairs and went to the great hall. Me and Hermione sat down next to each other while Ron and Harry sat across from us. Owls came in dropping mail on the table. Then a blue phoenix came in landing on the table. Everyone at the Gryffindor table stood up. 

"Abby is that yours?" Percy asked.

"No. I only have a cat named Snow." Hagrid came and the phoenix went on his arm. 

"I guess this is for you." He handed me a scroll and the phoenix left. Every one sat back down and I left the scroll on the table. 

"Are you going to open it?" I shook my head. 

"Can I open it?" I shook my head again. Breakfast ended and I took the scroll back up to my room. I opened the scroll. It was a letter from the high council of the city I lived in. I put it under my pillow and took my books. 


Hermione sat down next to Harry while I sat down to her left. 

"Your first project is making an anti-paralysis potion." Hermione raised her hand.

"Yes Miss. Granger."

"How are we going to make the potion when we don't know how to make it?" She asked.

"Turn to page thirty five." I turned to page thirty five and started making the potion. I poured

some stuff in the cauldron and something appeared on the page. Turn clockwise once. I was

confused if I should do that, but I did it any way. Professor Snape came up to me. 

"Five points for Gryffindor." Potions was done and I left the room. Fred and George were behind me.

"Snape never gave points to any house except Slytherin." They pat me on the back and I went

back to the common room. I finished my homework and Harry came up to me. 

"Come on Abby we are going to miss practice." We went out side and Madam Hooch said some thing.

"Up!" I said. The broom went up in my hand. 

"When I blow the whistle I want everyone to go up in the air and go back down." She blew her

whistle and Neville went off flying then hitting the roof and some sculptures. He fell to ground. 

"Okay. Hagrid will be watching you guys. Just fly up in the air for a little bit." She left to take

Neville to the infirmary. While Harry and Draco were fighting for something that Neville dropped I kept on flying on the broom. 

"Abby! Watch out for that fire!" I looked to my left and saw fire coming at me. I ducked. I flew fast trying to get away from the fire. Left. Right. Up! The last thing I knew was falling to the ground.


I woke up in the infirmary.

"Your awake." Madam Pomfrey came in.

"Madam Pomfrey how long was I in the infirmary?" I asked.

"About a week. You had a lot of mail you know. Here drink this." She gave me a cup. I started

drinking then I spit it out.

"What is this!" 

"Healing potion." I gave it back to her.

"You will need to drink two more potions. Let me just get them." Two more potions?! I laid back down with a thump.

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