The Mysterious Witch

What happens if a witch came to Hogwarts and her name is Abby Storm. You see Abby Storm is like any ordinary witch you would see, but she holds another power. She can bend water, but she has to keep it a secret so the fire guards won't kill her. As many events follow Abby has to protect Hogwarts from something terrible in her past.

A total of 6781 words.


6. More People

"Abby!" I woke up. We were still in the common room. 

"What?" I rubbed my eyes. 

"Professor McGonagall gave everyone three days off. Dumbledore allowed it." Harry said. 

"What are we going to do next?" I asked.

"What if you make animals with water?" Hermione suggested. I nodded and got a cup of water. 

"Make a dragon." I bended the water into a dragon and made it fly around the room. I made other animals and the last one I did was a butterfly. I made the butterfly fly to the stairs. 

"That is cool." Fred and George were on the stairs. I stopped bending and the water went on them. They looked at us and started laughing for some reason. Ron told Fred and George what I am. 

"Mom and dad said that the last time they saw a bender was when they were in their fifth year." George said. 


Two weeks past since my uncle came. A scroll from my aunt. I opened it. 

Abby it is to dangerous. Your uncle is going to be held captive in the prison here. I have sent your headmaster a letter saying that the high council and I would go to Hogwarts if there is any trouble. See you in the summer.


Aunt Xilla

I put it in the drawer. The phoenix left and I went to class.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione were out at night today.  I went up to the roof looking up at the moon. Some how I feel stronger when the moon is out.

"Hi." I turned around. Helen. She sleeps in the room with Hermione.

"Hi." I said. She sat down next to me. 

"I know what you are." She whispered. 

"Really?" I said.

"Don't worry. I am one to." She bended the rocks. 

"Your an earth bender?" I whispered. She nodded. We talked some more than went to sleep. 


The next morning it was time for class. I sat next to Helen. When class was done I talked with Helen.

"Are there any other benders?" I asked her.

"Only an air bender that I know of, but I don't see him very much." She said. 

"How many people know that you are a bender?" We walked past the Slytherins. Draco was yelling about no one passes him and his father will hear about this. We ignored him though.

"Only you and the air bender. You?" I counted with my fingers and said. 

"Seven, but don't worry they will keep it a secret. . . . I hope." 

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