The Mysterious Witch

What happens if a witch came to Hogwarts and her name is Abby Storm. You see Abby Storm is like any ordinary witch you would see, but she holds another power. She can bend water, but she has to keep it a secret so the fire guards won't kill her. As many events follow Abby has to protect Hogwarts from something terrible in her past. A total of 6781 words.


4. Fire Guards

I woke up and saw that we didn't have school today for some reason. I got changed and went down stairs to the common room. Hermione, Harry, and Ron were in the library trying to find something. I took out the letter that I had to give to Harry. I put it on the table and went outside to read. 


I finished the book. Hermione ran up to me. 

"Abby. I need your help on finding something." 

"Okay. What is it?" I questioned.

"It's my book." She said.

"Oh yeah. You let me borrow it for the week remember." I gave her the book.

"Thanks." She went inside the castle. I looked at the forbidden woods. Something moved. I got up and went back inside.


Two weeks past and mostly everyone left for Christmas. Harry, Ron, and a couple of people stayed. Even me. I got a letter about three days ago from the high council saying that I should stay at Hogwarts since it is safer than the city. I woke up and it was Christmas. I went downstairs and saw that Harry and Ron were already awake. 

"Merry Christmas." I said. 

"Merry Christmas Abby." Harry said. 

"Abby there is a present for you. Well two actually." I went downstairs and Ron gave me the presents. I opened them both. One was a broom and the other one was a stick or I think it was

a stick. There was a card with the broom. 

Our dearest Abby, me and your father told a teacher to get you the latest broom last week. I know that we are dead, but I wrote a will. Professor Dumbledore will give it to you when you are ready. The glider that you see was from your Uncle Davis. He is still alive. Even your Aunt from your father's side. We wish that we were here for your first Christmas, but he killed us.

Lets not make you be worried at Christmas. 

Your mother and father.

P.S. I told your mother make the card short, but she made it long. Have a nice Christmas Abby.

I laughed at the last part. I picked up the glider. There was a button. I pressed it. 

"Bloody hell." Ron said.

"Watch your language Ron." I said and picked up the broom. There was a word that appeared. 

Abby Storm. The phoenix came and landed on the table. Snow came down and saw the

phoenix. I think she thought that it was a little bird because the phoenix dropped the scroll and Snow was chasing to get the phoenix. 

"Stop it Snow." I picked her up and gave her a toy. I picked up the scroll and opened it. It was a

technique for water benders. I took the glider and put it in my room. A few minutes past and I heard Harry and Ron yell.

"Abby!" I ran downstairs to see the fire guards.

"Abby who are they?" Harry asked.

"Put them down." I said ignoring Harry's question.

"Fine, but you need to give us the scroll or they burn." 

"Snow." Snow went and gave me the scroll. I gave the fire guards the school and they let go of

Harry and Ron. 

"Let's leave." They left and Harry and Ron stared at me. 

"What?" I said while picking up Snow.

"What was that all about?" Harry asked. I told them everything. 


"You promise to keep my secret?" 

"So you can bend water and those fire guards are after you and if they catch you they will kill you." 


"Why didn't they kill you today?" 

"I don't really know," I said putting Snow down. "Do you guys promise to keep my secret?" I

said. Ron and Harry looked at each other.

"We promise." For the rest of the day we spended time at Hagrid's place. 

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