Melanie Script.
How could anyone forget my name? Not after what I did to an enitre fandom.
At the age of 19, I met Niall Horan. We didn't know where we were going, but we were glowing.


2. Count to thirty.


Just let me go, I'm on my own, a rolling stone and I'm in the zone
Don't let me fall, just let me know when we'll make it through.


The past week is a haze for me, but waking up in a hospital bed with a beeping monitor next to me and an IV drip in my arm made me nervous. My last memory was lying in an airport after being pushed down from behind. My father’s face got closer and closer to my own and as he scowled down at me, he spat in my face. All around, people were too focused on something else to notice. I was literally trapped. That’s when the kicking and the punching started. After that, my memory is blank.

I'm alone in the hospital room, no sign of any nurses or people checking in on me, not that i expected any to be. I fell back asleep but was awoken when a doctor came in and instructed me to sit up. He shone a light in my left eye, and then moved it to my right. He looked at his watch and held his stethoscope over my beating heart. Finally, he instructed me to count to thirty.

'27...28...29...30. Does that satisfy you sir? Can i leave now?'

'Miss Script, may I ask why you are so eager to leave?'

‘I just need to get away. Far away from my family.’

‘Yes, security pulled a man and a adolescent boy away from you. They are in custody of the local police. You were carrying a plane ticket, we’re afraid you missed your flight.’

‘I need to get out of the country. Back to the airport.’

‘Miss we really should keep you here a few more days just to make sure your rib heals correctly.’


‘Yes. You sustained injuries to your rib cages, one bone severely broken and had to be repositioned. Other than that, you have a swollen wrist and severe bruising on your face and arms as well as your legs.’

‘I- I need to go.’

‘Yes, you’ve said, but is there anyone to pick you up?’

‘Not my family.’

‘No, that would be against the law anyways. A restraining order was set into place. Your family needs to stay one hundred metres from you. Any breach of these terms results in imprisonment.’


‘No thank needed for me Miss Script, I wasn’t the one who put it in place, but I’ll take your thanks for the account I’m a doctor and I fixed you up. So, you’re welcome.’

You attempted to stand, and steadied yourself on the edge of the bed. Looking out the door, there was a large group of people gathered around the front desk.

‘Look Doctor…?’

‘Quell. Doctor Quell Ph.D.’

‘Doctor Quell, as you can see, I am capable of standing, therefore I can walk out this hospital alone and to wherever my destination.’ He stared at you sceptically before signing another piece of paper and unclipping it from his board, habding it to you.

‘Your release form. But do remember Miss, if you’re feeling any pain or you need any help; please don’t hesitate to come back.’

‘Thanks Doctor.’

‘Good luck out there.’ With that, he left the room and closed the door behind him. I grabbed my bag from the corner and emptied its contents on the bed. Shirt, jeans, and shoes. Was it cold outside? Who knows. It was England, so probably. When wasn’t it.


I stared at myself in the mirror in the room. I didn’t recognise myself. I was still bruised and there were cuts all over my body. I had to get out of here. Repacking my bag, I opened the door to my room.



So, anyone have any ideas for what can happen next? c;


Updated by Sarah Renee


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