When The Dead Walked The Earth

Astrid, she's only 15. And she is suddenly dragged into a apocalyptic world...A world of ZOMBIES. Her main goal is to find her family, but it all goes pear shaped when she encounters the un-dead and is forced to join forces with a person she resents the most. This was the day when the dead walked the Earth. Can she trust anyone now the end of the world is near?


3. Jacob's house, we need to hurry or we'll be trapped!

Chapter 3- Jacob's house, we need to hurry or we'll be trapped!

The sun was starting to fall, it was getting sleepy and was itching to let night creep in. "Hurry up Astrid, why the hell do you walk so slow?" Jacob sighed.
    "We're here so no need to complain?" Astrid said in a snarky manner as walked into Jacob's house. Jacob shook his head. "Bitch.." He muttered. "You say something?" Astrid turned around. "Uh...yeah. If you go upstairs  and the door on the left is my sisters, change into some of her clothes. I don't expect you to stay in school clothes all the time."

Astrid went up stairs, she surveyed the staircase, three stories high. Was Jacob rich? She took a left and walked into his sisters room. To Astrid's surprise, most things had been knocked over. It was a very girly room, pink walls, purple bed spread, a white canopy surrounded the bed. It felt like a fairy tale.

After Astrid got dressed, (which took a while because all the clothes didn't suit her) she noticed on the floor that there was a crumpled piece of paper. As she bent down to look at it, she could make out Jacob's name was scrawled on the paper. Astrid looked around just to make Jacob wasn't around and opened up the paper. It read: Jacob, really now, do you think we would've stuck around for you? Stupid, pathetic, delinquent you? You can turn into one of those things for all I care. I wish I was never your twin, in fact, I wish YOU had never been born. Maybe died in the womb, so I wouldn't have to put up with you. Anyways, goodbye, Devil.

"Oi! Astrid you done yet? Girls are odd creatures, taking hours to do one thing..." Jacob called from a other room. "Huh, yeah yeah...Where are you?"
"My room, opposite my sisters, come in."
    Astrid went across the landing into Jacob's room, he was standing in front of his bed, proud as ever. Astrid gave him a look. For a moment, Jacob just stared at Astrid, he'd seen her after school in her own clothes, but with this style she was wearing, it was hypnotizing for him. He shook his head.  "What? I've got a backpack full of food. So we won't get hungry, I came back here to raid out my house!" Jacob grinned.
"Jesus Christ! You are prepared! I'm not surprised since you watch too many  zombie things.." Astrid laughed. "I know, I'm amazing!


"What was that?" Jacob gasped. "I-I don't know..." Astrid whined. "I-I think there is s-someone in your house Jacob!"
    "Shut the door. We'll sit down and lean against it so nobody gets in. And we've got to be VERY quiet!" Jacob whispered. The pair slumped against the door. Nightfall was approaching. The had finally gone to rest and all was quiet. The pair heard a groan downstairs. "Zombie.." Astrid shivered, remembering the horrific ordeal of where she was nearly killed by one. Suddenly they heard a groan right by the door. Jacob jumped. He pressed his ear against the wooden door. "I...I think it's just standing there." Jacob said too loudly. The zombie then growled and began trying to get through to Jacob and Astrid.
    Astrid gasped, and grabbed Jacob's hand instinctively. She gasped and let go. Jacob looked at her with shock. "S-sorry..I kinda got scared." Astrid whispered. Jacob shook his head and held Astrid's hand. "No, it's okay keep a hold of my hand. I'm scared too, anyways, friends comfort each other when they are scared shitless.." Jacob smiled awkwardly.
Friend? Since when did they become friends. Maybe they were already friends, okay they may punched each other in the face a few times but Astrid knew tons about him.

"Astrid. I think it's gone in my parents room. We're going to get going, we can't stay here." Jacob explained quickly, he opened the door and him and Astrid tip-toed downstairs. "Stop." Jacob said gruffly. "There's one in the kitchen. We have to get past it. You go first." Jacob let go of her hand.
    Why me first? Astrid pondered, but she snook over to the kitchen, the figure was aimlessly walking around the kitchen knocking down pans and various cutlery. Astrid dived past the kitchen entrance quickly. The zombie hadn't turned around yet so Jacob felt very confident to sneak past but success wasn't with the boy. The corpse grabbed his arm and began to try and bite Jacob's flesh, it wanted to rip and tear continuously at the boy. "Jacob!" Astrid screamed. Jacob kicked at the zombie. "Shit! There's nothing to grab and hit him with!" Jacob shouted. He kept pulling away, trying to kick and thrash about.

"Hit....something...Something to hit with...." Astrid began to mumble to herself. "AH!"
Astrid realized she had a hold of her bat. She needed to time this perfectly, shoulder barge the corpse, hit it with the bat, grab her objective then run. She began to count in her head. 3....2....1...."NOW!" she shouted and launched at the zombie, shoulder barging it so it staggered back. "Piece of shit!" she cried and continuously hit it over the head until she knew it was dead.

Astrid grabbed Jacob and ran out of the door. Jacob kept shouting at her to stop, but she wouldn't she kept running until she knew there were no zombies around. "STOP!"
    "What?!" Astrid shouted. Jacob pointed to a very familiar house. It's door wide open, you could clearly see something bad happened there. "I'm going in, and you can't stop me, there's probably nothing in there!" Astrid stormed toward the house. Jacob couldn't stop her now

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