What a dog can do

Jenny Smith, a 16 year old girl who lives in London want's to be a dog trainer. Her dream comes true when she meets the boys of one direction.


3. Stuck in London

Lunch time

“Jenny wait!!” I heard someone yell at me while Hannah and I were walking down the hall so we turned around and it was harry… that explains the screaming girls. “ Hi” he said when he came to us. “ Hi , what’s up?” “ nothing just wanna hang out with you girls” “ ow alright” I answered with a smile. We talked and laughed the whole time until we heard the bell. Harry walked with us to our class. “Thank you for the good company” he said. “No problem, any time” Harry gave me a piece of paper “what’s this?” I asked confused. “ my number, I hope we can hang out sometime” he said with a really cute smile and is a little shy. “yeah sure, I would like that, but I have to go now” “alright” he said while he gave me a hug. I went to my place but couldn’t concentrate the afternoon. Before Hannah and me went home we went for a long walk in the park so the dogs could play a while before going home. “WOW you’re popular, someone is calling you, pick up your phone, c’mon I’m a busy guy I can’t hang around inside your phone daring ringtone’s all day, ANSWER IT!!” my ringtone went off. “It’s Harry, he wants us to come to my house they are talking to my mom” so we went home “ Do you wanna come in?” I asked Hannah. “No I have to go home, I’ll call you” “alright” I opened the door and Harry was waiting there for me “Hi” we both said on the same time and that made us laugh. “c’mon you have to be with this otherwise your mom doesn't talk to us about that” “ ow okay” so I came in the living room and said hi to everyone en sat beside Harry in the couch. “ So can we now talk about this, ma’am?” Liam asked to my mom. “sure” my mom said while she looked a bit angry to me. “ look I know you say you don’t want the she goes on tour with us but can I just explain everything so you know everything and make up your mind later if it’s still a no we just leave and you will not see us again I promise” “ alright” Liam explained everything. “ I don’t know” my mom said after Liam explained. “she is to young” “mom I’m almost 17 I can care for myself”  I answered. “ and we will take care of her to” harry said. “ I don’t know, can I think about it?” “ of course you can “ Louis answered. The boys stood up and went outside. I went with them. I stood at the door, gave the boys a hug and Liam gave me his number for in case my mom wanted to talk. I went back inside putted the number in my phone and gave the paper to my mom. “ What’s this? “ my mom asked. “Liam’s number in case you want to talk to them again”. “ Sweetie, I’m not gonna let you go with those boys, you don’t even know them, I don’t know them and I don’t think that they would be a good example for you” “ mom, they are so sweet to me, they are not like other boys and other celebrity’s, they are just themselves and it’s not easy staying you self in this world, and at least they can live there dream and I’m stuck here with you.” “ What do you mean with that?” My mom asked.
“ I mean that you just don’t wanna let me go just because you don’t wanna be alone and now you just can live your perfect live and I’m stuck here with you just like you always wanted. I’m not gonna be happy if I stay here I have to see the world not just London” “there is nothing wrong with London” “ No mom London is fine London is beautiful but I wanna see more then just London” I looked at my mom and ran upstairs. Once I was in my room I started to cry and I called harry.

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