They Are After You

Bridie from Amity and Fawn Candor THINK they are different until they KNOW they are different. The Test don't work and they don't know what to do. They run into a few more people that everyone calls divergent. In their new factions, their new lives they learn to cope and learn how to stand. How to understand the impossible. To learn they are after you.


2. Fawn - Candor

"Fawn! Get up! The world hates you!", Luke yelled. When I say yell I mean I mean he wants you and all of neighbors to know he is waking you up. There is no way to stop him either. I can't lock my door. My parents said a locked door means secrets and there is no secrets in Candor. I mean if you are on your period everyone knows. No secrets. If you have a big zit on your forehead anyone will come up to you and say that you are ugly. All I get is that my skin is messed up because its a light brown. Stupid kids so ignorant. I am so glad tomorrow is the tests. I am so outa Candor.

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