They Are After You

Bridie from Amity and Fawn Candor THINK they are different until they KNOW they are different. The Test don't work and they don't know what to do. They run into a few more people that everyone calls divergent. In their new factions, their new lives they learn to cope and learn how to stand. How to understand the impossible. To learn they are after you.


10. Fawn - Candor - Choices

I woke up from a nightmare. I bunch of people were chasing me, because I was different. Today I have to choose what faction I wanna be in the rest of my life and I cannot choose another one if I decide if I hate the one I chose. Good thing I'm pretty daughtless for the faction I'm gonna choose. (*wink* *wink*)

I get out of bed and go to my closet I where the same thing I wore yesterday. I slip it on then I look in the mirror. I brush through my hair and pull it into a pony tail with a few loose strands. I pull on my ballet flats and walk out of room. I go down the stairs and my parents are sitting at the table talking. It just hit me what would my parents think about me changing factions. My eyes watered up. They looked a me, "Honey what's wrong?", my momma said. I smiled a bit, "I'm okay momma. Just a bit nervous." I grabbed a bagel and headed out the door.

My momma may understand but my daddy will be so mad at me. And he'll let me know to. My siblings won't think anything about it. Jack will be mad 'cause now he has to do dishes. Mia, sweet little Mia. She's just a baby and it hurts to know she wont remember me. She won't think much of it.

I see the bus and I run to it and get on. The bus driver is not patient and takes of and I sit in the first seat that is open. The bus is packed. The girl I sat next to is a Amity girl. She look familiar. then I remember, she's that girl that ran into me. Huh small world.


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