They Are After You

Bridie from Amity and Fawn Candor THINK they are different until they KNOW they are different. The Test don't work and they don't know what to do. They run into a few more people that everyone calls divergent. In their new factions, their new lives they learn to cope and learn how to stand. How to understand the impossible. To learn they are after you.


1. Britie - Amity

I wake up to my mother whispering, "Time to wake up BriBri. Time to show the world you care." I groan. I hate all this lovey dovey stuff my faction does. Why do you have to be nice all the time. I am so glad tomorrow is the Test. The Test is where they take you and test you to see what faction you'll fit in. I'm not sure I can fit in any where. I open my eyes and see my mother. She is beautiful. You know the blonde hair, the red lips, curvy hips, and most of all kind eyes. I mean I think I am the only one who looks like a hate the world. My mom gets off my bed looks at me. I think I saw a hint of worry in her eyes. "Breakfast will be ready in 10.", she says as she walks out my door. I am so outa here

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