A different side

Cameron has had a boring life. Same thing everyday. She's a huge Harry potter fan. Her whole life is spent dreaming the horrible hours away. When she discovers the biggest secret about herself that she's ever known, her whole life is turned around and it's a new world for her. Literally.


4. The Knight Bus?!

I ran down the street. My feet carried me as fast as they'd go with my heavy trunk pulling behind me. My Harry Potter books (the seven originals and several exclusive books) and the movies were carefully packed in my trunk. I ran to the park that I used to visit with my dad. Before he got a new job and started working all of the time, that is. I feel bad I didn't tell him I was leaving. I took out the old flip phone my dad bought me. I called him.

"Hey, Cammy!" He answered.

"Dad, I ran away. I can't live with Mum anymore!" I blurted out.

"Cam! I told you to be good for Mum!"

"And I was. She wasn't good to me."

"Well, what are you going to do now?" He asked.

"Keep walking, I guess." I replied as I sat on the curb.

"Cam," My dad said hopelessly, "Call me later when I'm out of work, and we'll work something out. Call me if you need anything or anything strange happens." He knew the secret, too. They were still hiding it from me. I didn't know why my mum kept me from running away. She hates me! 

I threw my hands in the air in frustration. Why didn't they understand? 

I looked up as I heard a high-pitched screech. What was the light coming towards me? I screamed softly, not wanting to attract attention. 

The purple triple-decker bus stopped next to me, almost running over my feet. 

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. My name is Stan Shunpike and I will be your conductor this evening." He looked down at me. "What are you doing on the ground?"

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