A different side

Cameron has had a boring life. Same thing everyday. She's a huge Harry potter fan. Her whole life is spent dreaming the horrible hours away. When she discovers the biggest secret about herself that she's ever known, her whole life is turned around and it's a new world for her. Literally.


2. Always the same

The next day has the same events, but this time, it's my other older brother's basketball game. Is my mum turning soft? The second day in a row that I manage to wiggle free of going to a game. This is getting me suspicious. I'm definitely not getting used to it. It won't last forever.

August 12th, the calendar says. Yesterday was August eleventh, and tomorrow is the thirteenth. School doesn't start until the fifth of September, and I'm not excited. I go to Blimingham Boarding School for Girls. It's no Hogwarts. The headmistress is stuck up, hates children, and all she does is tell us to respect her, respect her, respect her. She seriously is the muggle version of Delores Umbridge. She's that bad. Of course, my mum loves her.

My life is the same, day to day. Everything is the same. Same chores, same mum, same games, same tears, same pain, same anger.

Nothing changes.

I want change.

I need change.

I'm miserable. I'm about to blow my top. I hold back tears everyday. I always plaster a fake smile on my face. That's why I'd make a splendid actress. I pretend everything is okay. No one understands anyway.

I finally finish all of the chores my mother has given me. It's been a few hours. She should be back soon with my brothers, Josh and Tim. Despite my mum's hatred for me, she loves my brother Tim. My twin brother Tim. We are eleven. My mum also loves my older brother, Josh. 

Josh is really, surprisingly, nice to me. Tim is more annoying than mean, but he is nice to me for the most part.

But anyway, I need change. Soon. Now. It's always the same.

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