A different side

Cameron has had a boring life. Same thing everyday. She's a huge Harry potter fan. Her whole life is spent dreaming the horrible hours away. When she discovers the biggest secret about herself that she's ever known, her whole life is turned around and it's a new world for her. Literally.


6. A squib, a witch, and possibly two wizards

"How did you escape mum?" I asked Tim. He has the same eyes and hair color as me. There is no doubt we are twins. We look identical. 

"Hagrid, this guy I guess, said to tell Mum we were leaving, but she couldn't know why. I simply told her that Josh and my friends had come and we were going to practice baseball." He replied.

"Oh," I said simply.

"Let's get started," Fudge started. "Your mother is a squib, Cameron. That why she is so unbearably rude to you. She doesn't approve of wizardry. Being a squib and all, she is naturally jealous."

"But if she knew, why didn't she tell me?" I asked. "And why did she still love Tim, despite hating me?"

"Honestly, you showed signs of magic, but Tim shows none." Cornelius explained.

"Am I a wizard?" Tim asked, confused but curious. "And Cam's a witch? What about Josh?" 

"Yes, you are a wizard, part squib, but also very wizard." Fudge continued to explain, "Cam is most definitely a powerful witch, and she shows strong signs. We aren't quite sure of Josh."

"Alright, well, how do we find out if I am magical?" Josh asked, finally speaking.

Why was this happening now? What was going to happen to us? 

"We'll inform you of everything after the night." 

"Where will we be staying?" Tim asked.

"Here." Fudge replied. My brothers had only watched the Harry potter movies. There was a lot to be explained. I needed to know a lot, too. I was so confused. The knight bus, the leaky cauldron, it's all real? This is a dream.

We were directed to our room. I sat on my bed. I took the far one, connected to another that Tim took. Josh laid on the bed next to him.

"This is strange, Cam." Tim said. "I reckon you have a much better idea of what's going than us." 

"I do, but not much. I'm VERY confused." I sighed as I fell asleep.


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