The Sorting Hat

A long time ago when there was no sorting hat and the four founders choose whom to have in their house, there was a girl by the name of Jessica W. Jessica was a Ravenclaw but with a mysterious past that everyone thinks is just another Fairy Tale. Jessica and a few of her friends are turned into items around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Godric Griffindor himself in their fourth year. Jessica and her friends use their time wisely while they are trapped as these items, waiting for the day when one boy from Griffindor and one boy from Slytherin would come to Hogwarts and bring peace between the two houses, but there's also another way. Will the friends find the other way before it's to late?


6. The Quidditch game

    A Quidditch game was coming up soon and it was with Slitherin  and Griffindor. I made sure to tell Bea that the Quidditch games were not like they used to be and that you can't shoot spells at people anymore.    When Bea and I were getting ready with Grace, Lucy, Angelina, and Haley for the Quidditch game Thomas knocked on the door frame (the door was open) and said, "you guys ready yet?" "I think so." Replied Bea Bea was wearing a black cloak and a blue Ravenclaw scarf and the usual uniform but everyone else had their normal school cloaks on and their uniform like they were suppose to. "You guys should bring a coat or umbrella because it's raining bullets out there." Notified Dean coming up next behind Thomas.  I looked out the window and it was raining very hard. Down below some Griffindors were having trouble with an umbrella struggling to keep it in their grasp. A Slitherin was yelling to his friends to hurry up but his voice was lost in the wind.  Bea and I looked at each other and I said "I think we should do  it." "Ok just be careful; remember the story that Salazar told us?" Replied Bea I smiled a little remembering the story of how one day there was a rain storm a lot worse then this and Salazar Slitherin cast a water repelling spell but it back fired and it started to rain in his room. I replied laughing a little bit "Are you kidding me he used to tell us that story every time it rained." With a wave of my wand and an incantation the water repelling spell was complete. When I asked if anyone would want us to do it on them they replied looking nervous about what would happen and said "No thanks I'll take my chances." "Ok if you want to get soaked to the bone." Bea said   On are way down to the Qudditch pitch Bea said pointing to James "I think you either have an admire or a very indiscreet stalker"   "Oh that's just a guy named James I don't really know him that well but I think he's nice." I replied  When James noticed us noticing him he turned back around and walked towards the Griffindor dressing rooms to get ready for the game (he was a chaser.)  As we took are seats in the stands I could tell that Thomas, Dean, Lucy, Angelina, and Grace were really reconsidering their decision to not use the water repelling spell. They were soaked and the umbrella they tried to bring got lost in the wind. Bea and I on the other hand were perfectly dryand warm. Besides the few people who looked like they wanted to know how we were still dry the stands were mostly normal with the loud cheers and boos. Bea at one point had to go to a quieter place because of it. The field was a completely different situation while the crowd was at least controlled the field was not and it was a complete mess luckily Slitherin was winning 286-10. The Slitherin seeker had seen the snitch and was flying towards it out of no where there was a loud clap of lighting and all of a sudden a huge bear came galloping out of the Forbidden Forest. I knew who this was I took the shape of the first thing that came to my mind an eagle. I flew down from the stands a behind me was Bea racing out from under the stands as a wolf. I turned into a Jaguar and ran toward the bear at high speeds but stopped at his feet. The bear had a sudden glow and then he shrunk down to one of my best guy friends and said "he has returned all he was doing this time was exacting his revenge the Huntsmen and the Prince, and now since you guys have broken your spells mine has broken to but first, Jessica were are they." "In the stands, but Peter please  don't do anything brash." Growled Bea nervously "I promise I won't do anything brash I just want to see what they look like." Replied Peter like he's done it many times before "Well you will have many times this year to see both of them, as you will be taking classes with us." Said Bea "Oh no you know how badly I do in classes with Griffindors I almost fainted one day when Godric was teaching" replied Peter "Are you kidding me Jack and I had to carry you to the hospital wing." I said laughing "All I remember was that Griffindor came over to see if you were doing well and you didn't even let him say anything you just collapsed. It was really kind of funny." Recalled Bea "Well I like to hear that my injuries bemuse you guys." Replied Peter, "now let's get some lunch I am starving." "Yea let's go if I go with out food for any longer I might faint." Said Bea putting one arm over me and the other over Peter and having us drag her up to the castle.   
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