The Sorting Hat

A long time ago when there was no sorting hat and the four founders choose whom to have in their house, there was a girl by the name of Jessica W. Jessica was a Ravenclaw but with a mysterious past that everyone thinks is just another Fairy Tale. Jessica and a few of her friends are turned into items around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Godric Griffindor himself in their fourth year. Jessica and her friends use their time wisely while they are trapped as these items, waiting for the day when one boy from Griffindor and one boy from Slytherin would come to Hogwarts and bring peace between the two houses, but there's also another way. Will the friends find the other way before it's to late?


4. Falling Head over Heals to the Infirmary

After DADA I had a free so I went up to the roofs and looked out at the scenery. I felt so at peace that I didn't notice that someone came up behind me.  "Hey are you going to tell me how you learned it now?" Asked James It scarred me so much that I sat up to quickly that I fell over the edge. I grabbed for the edge of the roof but miss judged where it was and cut myself on whatever the roof is made of. I tried to transform in to a bird but I was to late and I hit a lower roof and blacked out. When I woke up I didn't know where I was but the. I saw the other beds and realized I was in the infirmary. Next to me was to my surprise James was writing something down. When he noticed I was awake he said "I know I sweep girls off their feet but I have never had one fall off a building." "Well there is a first time for everything I suppose." I replied  "May I ask something?" Asked James "Well you just did." I replied slyly, "but you may ask another." "Well it's sort of two questions." Replied James "Just ask them." I said inpacently   "Ok ok. The first one is how did you not break anything in that fall?" He asked "Well there is this thing that I have that's kind of hard to explain. It starts out with me being born and being royalty and having 12 fairies cast charms on me and then having a curse put on me then me killing someone and then me getting cursed again by Godric who isn't what they say he was because he wasn't all there because well he turned me into a sorting hat but before that he "cursed" me by putting a charm on me that I can't break anything." I replied  James starred at me for a few seconds then said "you killed someone?!" "Well yes and I am not sorry at what I did." I replied "Who did you kill?" He asked "A guy who cut through a rose bush to reverse the first curse." I said plainly  "Wait are you saying that you are sleeping beauty?" James asked confused  "Well yes I guess you could say that but the grimm story is totally wrong, but just promise you won't tell anyone! I have to finish my life peacefully and your brother is going to do it." I said "My brother Albus? What does he have to do with this?" Asked James "Oh well he is going to end the feud of Griffindors and Slyitherins." I said "My brother is going to end a feud that has been going on for years and years! All by himself?" Said James as if I were telling him that Voldemort was back "Well him and Scorpius of course they are the undoing, they are going to end this feud that was started because Godric tuned me into a hat. The others were on Godrics side because they were afraid of him but Salazar stood up for what he believed in I owe him my life. I would have died if Salazar hadn't have caught Godric in the act of sending a killing curse at me!" I replied remembering the awful day. "Oh well in that case I'll have to tell him that he is one of the undoing." Replied James "No please you can't it has to be without them knowing." I said "Ok fine I won't."  "Ok on to the next question." I said quickly changing the topic But before James could asked madam Pomfray  came in and told James he had to leave and get to class so that I could sleep. 

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