Love And War

Sarah is the new girl at degrassi high school, she meets the boy Adam and they become good friends, will they be more than friends or will Adam go back with his xgirlfriend Becky?


2. Who is that girl?

Becky´s pov.

I am standing by my locker when I hear his voice, my heart stops for a minute, I haven´t spoken with him in two weeks. A part of me is still mad at him but the other part tells me to forgive and forget.
I look in the direction his voice is coming from and I realize he is not alone, they walk by me but I have never seen the girl he is talking to before. ´Who is that girl? , and why are Adam looking at her in that way? , do they know each other?´ I think to myself. “Hey Becks, what’s up?” my best friend Jenna says behind me and I jump and turn around “Jenna don´t scare me like that” I said and she started laughing.
“Sorry, so what´s up?” she ask and looks at me, “Nothing, just getting my books” I say, close my locker and we start walking to our first class. We went past Adam and the girl but they don´t even look at us.
“Who is that girl with Adam, I haven´t seen her around before” Jenna says when they are out of sight. “I have no idea and I am not planning on finding out who she is” I say and we sit down on our usual sets.
“Hey have you heard the news, Drew is having a party tonight and I was thinking we could go together as a girls night out” my other friend Ally says and waits for us to answer. “ Yeah that would be awesome” Jenna says and they look at me.
“I think I might ask Adam if he wants’ to go together, but we can go shopping after school, I need new clothes to impress him” I say and we start laughing, just when we stop laughing Adam comes inside but he is not even looking at me, ´maybe it is to late, no I am not giving up that easy´ I think to myself. “Wait do you wanna get back together with him?” Jenna says and I snap out of my thoughts, “I don´t know I have really been missing him lately” I say and smile at them.
“Just be careful” Ally says and the teacher walks in.

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