Love And War

Sarah is the new girl at degrassi high school, she meets the boy Adam and they become good friends, will they be more than friends or will Adam go back with his xgirlfriend Becky?


1. The new girl

~~Captor 1: The new girl
Sarah´s pov.
“Why is this school so confusing?” I said to myself and looked around to find my first class. A boy came out of the blue, we bombed into each other and I fell and dropped all of my papers.
“I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking” I said and looked at the boy, he had brown hair and big blue eyes, and he was really gorgeous.
´Pull yourself together Sarah and talk to him´ I thought but I just sat there looking like an idiot.
“It´s okay I wasn´t looking either” he says, helps me up and we started gathering my papers. “ I haven’t seen you around here before, are you new?” he asked and smiled at me. ´Wow he is looking even better when he is smiling´. I look at me waiting for me to answer his question.
“Sorry, yeah I am new and I can´t find my class this school is really big” I say and smile at him, he toke the papers out of my hand and smile at me, “come on I will show you” he said and started walking and I followed him.
The whole way we talked and laughing, we walked by a lot of people who said hallo to the boy, I didn´t really notice any of them, but one girl caught my eye, she had long dark blond hair and blue eyes, she looks at him like they are enemies or something.
“I am free at lunch, I can give you a tour around the school, can´t have you getting lost again can we?” he says with a flirty look in his eyes. “That deepens, if I get lost will you come find me again?” I say and blush.
“I will always rescue a beautiful girl in need” he says and smiles at me, “okay just meet me here when the bell ring?” I say and smile back at him; he nods and starts walking away. I grab his arm, “and if you don´t who am I looking for to beat up?” I ask with a grin on my face, ´seriously that was the best you got?, I know he just makes me nervous´  I think to myself.
“I´m Adam” he says and walks away.

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