Forever and Always [Ziam Fanfic]

Liam loves Zayn, Zayn loves Liam. Its taken almost two years for them to realise but when they do nothing can stop them the two are completely smitten but the true question is will they last?


5. Chapter 5


Zayn's POV~


Niall, Louis and Harry collapsed on the floor. 
"What are you guys doing?" I ask quickly.
"Well we heard talking, these walls are like paper thin and well... um... we sorta heard something..." Louis mumbles.

"Like what?" Liam asks coming up from behind and wrapping his arms around my waist.

The boys mouths drop open they all look at me and Liam.


"What? What are you right about Niall?" Liam asks confidently.

How the hell is he so confident? I'm standing next to him, my legs feeling wobbly, my cheeks flushed, my heart in my throat...

"Ummm... welll.... both...two...ummm..." Niall stutters.

Thats when Harry speaks up...

"Look we know you two are all loved up! Okay?" Harry laughs.

I stare at Harry speechless... Were we really that obvious?

"Oh so you know? Thats good so now I can do this!" Liam says

Before turning me towards him and pressing his lips against mine, my hands instinctively reaching for his hair running it through my fingers, Liam lets out a little moan before hardening the kiss pressing his lips even harder against mine, our lips moving together perfectly... before slowly pulling away. 

He obviously see's the look of dissappointment on my face, as he seductively whispers in my ear


I turn my gaze back to the boys, all of their cheeks a deep red

"Umm well that was ummm" Louis mumbles before turning his eyes to the ground.
Niall soon follows.

"How long?" Harry asks.
"Wwwhattt..." I stutter it's the first time I've been able to speak this whole time.

"How long have you two been shacked up?" Louis asks. It's good to see Louis has his confidence back. Or actually right now I think I prefer the quiet Louis.

"Well we haven't been on an actual date yet! But we're going out tomorrow night aren't we babe?' Liam asks staring into my eyes... His big brown beautiful eyes...

"Uhhh.. yeah" I quietly reply.

Wait Liam and I are going out? Liam and I are going out on a proper date? 

I HAVE TO DO MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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