Forever and Always [Ziam Fanfic]

Liam loves Zayn, Zayn loves Liam. Its taken almost two years for them to realise but when they do nothing can stop them the two are completely smitten but the true question is will they last?


4. Chapter 4


"Liam? Are you awake?" I ask cautiously.
"Huh? Yeah?" He mumbles rubbing his eyes.
"Umm what did you just say?" I ask quickly.
"Huh? Yeah?" Liam repeats.
"No Liam before that, you were talking in your sleep" I tell him.

Liam looks at me with his big brown eyes, he nervously bites his lips and runs his fingers through his hair.

"No idea what you're talking about" Liam says before rolling over and going back to sleep.

"Liam I heard you..." I say again.

I don't know why I was saying this, What was I expecting him to say Zayn it's all true I love you! Yeah that wasn't going to happpen no matter how hard I wish...

I stumble out of bed and go over to get a drink Why was this so complicated? Why can't everything just go back to normal? Why can't I be happy for once in my life?

I go back to the bedroom. That's when I see Liam looking at me a massive smile plastered across his face... What was with him? 

"1 minute to go Zayn!" Liam said excitedly 
I looked at the clock and realised its 11:10 Liam always makes 11:11 wishes he always has.

Though the thing with Liam is that sometimes he says his wishes out loud. We try to convince him that  they won't come true if he does that but he never listens.

"It's 11:11 Zayn!!" Liam yells excitedly.
"And what are you going to wish for tonight?" I ask Liam yawning.
"Ok well my last wish came true about Zayn realising how I feel..." 
I freeze, my mouth drops, my body feels numb, wait what did he just say?

"So tonight I wish that Zayn could feel the same way..." Liam says looking at me calmness filling his eyes, his hair messed up from the bed. 

I don't know what to do! I don't know what to say! Did Liam just say? No he didn't he wouldn't? 

"Zayn, look I love you! Ever since I saw you at bootcamp I always have! I thought it was weird it took me a long time to realise what it was and now I know, Zayn Malik... I love you" Liam stutters.

I stare at him in shock unsure what to say. This was amazing no sorry this was amazayn! 

I crawl back onto the bed and lean over towards Liam...

I press my lips against his, our mouths moving against each other, I feel his warm breath against mine, his lips pushing deeper and deeper into mine wanting more. I lean back against the end of the bed not breaking the kiss. I begin to slowly bite his lip a quiet moan escaping from his mouth. His hands running through my hair...

I never want this moment to end until there's a knock at the door, Liam quickly jumps back his cheeks bright red. His eyes wide staring at mine

"I..I bettter get.ttt that" I slowly stutter before rushing to the door.

Only to see three very nosy boys with their ears pressed against it...

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