Forever and Always [Ziam Fanfic]

Liam loves Zayn, Zayn loves Liam. Its taken almost two years for them to realise but when they do nothing can stop them the two are completely smitten but the true question is will they last?


1. Chapter 1

Hey guys! Okay so this is Chapter 1 and just letting u know a majority of this story will be in Zayn perspective but some of it will be in Liams but I will let u know when its in Liams :) 



"Boys! Come on! We need to go!" I heard Liam's voice yell. We were all hanging at Louis and Harry's apartment getting ready for the signing. Well I was getting ready the lads were just messing around as usual! 

"Zayn! Your hair looks fine! Ok?" Liam says leaning against the bathroom door, my heart fluttered I mean just seeing him there in his button up plaid shirt, his trackies and his hair still messy! Why was I feeling like this? I mean ever since I first saw Liam I always felt there was something special! I didn't know what it was and I guess I still don't but my heart flutters everytime I see him. My breathing gets short when he gets close. He always make me feel this way every single time...

"Yeah but yours doesn't!" I tease him. Lies! I think to myself! Liam always looks fine, Liam always looks better then fine to be honest. 

"Hey! I'm sorry we can't always look as perfect as you!" Liam laughs.

Wait did he say I was perfect... suddenly my breathing gets fast my eyes firmly on the ground, if I look up at him, I don't know what I'd do! Probably faint! Liam why do you have to be so perfect?

I rush out to the front to see the car waiting for us, the boys already inside. I quickly rush over and jump in landing on top of Liam

"Zayn how many times have we told you no sex in the car!" Louis jokes.

I laugh to myself before getting up and shifting over to the next seat, I was used to it all the Ziam stuff, all the things our girls made up. Louis and Harry absolutely loved the Larry Stylinson and they were always teasing the girls. Going out holding hands, embracing each other etc. But Liam and I just couldn't do it. It was just too awkward. 

How I wish Ziam was real though...

I sigh deeply to myself before leaning my head on Liams shoulder trying to get some sleep before things got too weird. My eyes were slowly drifting shut until a loud yell woke me up...

"GUYS THERE'S NO FOOD!!!" Niall yelled, his head buried in his hands.

"Niall ok one you ate it all! and two you just woke up my sleeping beauty!!!" Liam argues.

his... wow that sounded good.

"Go back to sleep bub! Or will I have to sing to you?" Liam asks me.

I just grunt before burying my head onto his lap. Its gonna be a three hour drive I better try and get back to sleep! 

That's when I feel it a warm hand stroking my hair, it felt so nice! I moan softly before peeking my eyes open and see all the boys hard cold stares on me...

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