The Hobbit (A Legolas fan fiction)

Aquilia is an ordinary girl who has been on her own since she was a very young girl. Her parents died in a battle when she was very young. She has no siblings. She left her home after years of training to see what the world was like outside her home. Shortly into here journey, she meets Legolas and the dwarves later on. The two of them get along very well, until someone decides to split them up while the two and the dwarves are on a journey. Will life ever get back to normal?


20. The Rescue at Last (continued)


    Aquilia's P.O.V

      I wake up to many deep voices chattering amongst themselves. I am on my knees, with my hands tied behind my back and my mouth stuffed with a cloth. I am leaning over something. I look behind me. There is an orc holding onto a rope. My eyes follow the rope up way over my head. Above my neck is something glistening in the light of the rain clouds overhead. Within a few tries, I am able to make out the pointed tip and realize it is a blade. The orc standing behind me to my right was holding the blade in place. I realize I am about to be excecuted. I start to scream and thrash around, trying to get myself out. "Someone please shut her up and hold her over the excecution board." The Pale Orc ordered. Two orcs immediately run over and stop me. One hugs me to hold me still and the other one throws my head over the board. I try to break out of the orcs grasp, but he is too strong for me. Suddenly I hear doors slam the walls and millions of footsteps run in. Probably a bunch more orcs. I look up and it wasn't orcs. It was Legolas, the dwarves, and his army of elves from Mirkwood here to save me. I started screaming Legolas's name and crying. It took a while before Legolas's gaze finds mine. "AQUILIA!!!" He screams, although I am only able to watch his mouth movement, as the voices in the room mute his voice. Legolas jumped down from overhead and begins to fight the orcs. Some attack him but he shoves them off like they're nothing and kills them. Millions more elves run in to support Legolas, they are amazing with all of their stunts. Shortly after, all that is left is the pale Orc, and the two orcs holding me. "Let her go." Legolas demands to the Pale Orc. "Why should I? I mean, you never even came back for her." He said. Legolas growled at him. "Let her go this instant!" Thranduil's voice boomes throughout the dome. "Sorry elf mutants. No can do." He said as he pointed to the orc to my right and set the blade free for a second before catching it midway down. "NOOO!!!" Legolas screams, tears filling his eyes. I squeeze my eyes shut, but I don't heel the blade, I look behind me and the orc is standing with the rope in his hands, I look up at the blade. It is halfway down between me and the top of the board. "How about this, give me your weapons. ALL of them, and I will let her go. Simple." He tells Legolas. Legolas stands there for a few minutes, holding eye contact with the Pale Orc before he begins unarming himself. He hands all his weapons to the Pale Orc, who has his arm outstretched, ready to take the weapons. "I'm not surprised. An elf desperate and stupid." He laughs as he throws Legolas's weapon's across the room. 


     Legolas's P.O.V

       I give the Pale Orc my weapons. "I'm not surprised. An elf desperate and stupid." He spits the words out, like I should have known better. I feel a tap on my back, Thorin is behind me. "Here, take this." He whispers, putting the handle of his sword in my hand. "Thank you." I whisper and secure it in my hand. I look back at the pale orc, his back is turned to me. Adrenaline suddenly fills my veins. I start walking up to the orc, then it turns into a run. I scream as I raise my arm over my head. The Pale Orc turns around and roars as I bring the Sword to his neck. His head flies off and his body falls to the ground. I stand over top of the Pale orc. My foot on his chest. "Look at who was too stupid enough to realize we ALL had weapons." I spat at the Orcs body. I look up and notice my father with Aquilia and the two orcs around them dead. The time I never thought would come, the time I thought I would never see again, came back.   


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