The Hobbit (A Legolas fan fiction)

Aquilia is an ordinary girl who has been on her own since she was a very young girl. Her parents died in a battle when she was very young. She has no siblings. She left her home after years of training to see what the world was like outside her home. Shortly into here journey, she meets Legolas and the dwarves later on. The two of them get along very well, until someone decides to split them up while the two and the dwarves are on a journey. Will life ever get back to normal?


11. Orc Bait


   Leolas's P.O.V

     I felt sick to my stomach. I was fighting the urge to burst into tears. I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my fists on the rein attached to Amadeus. I stared out into the woods in the distance. All I could think about was Aquilia being on her own with no one to protect her. Her eyes alone just pleading to her hearts desire for help to shortly arrive, her dead body laying in a pool of her own blood in the middle of a circle of orcs laughing hysterically at the stupidity of us because we didn't have the courage to fight them and put our foot down on what we knew was rightfully ours. My head throbbed at the thoughts flooding my mind like a tsunami flooding a small down, dragging helpless things to their deaths. I had had enough. I stopped Amadeus. The dwarves had stopped themselves too. "What's wrong, Greenleaf?" Kili asked. "We have to go back." I said. "We can't!! It's too dangerous!!" Thorin said. "I can't stand the though in my head of Aquilia being killed. I love her!! Either we let her die miserably and let it haunt us for the rest of our lives, or we go back for her hoping that she's still alive and we finish this together. Your choice." Thorin spoke up again. "Legolas, I know you want to go back but we can't!! We will all get ourselves killed!! I'm sorry Legolas, but we can't" Thorin said. "Bu-!" I started "No Legolas!" Thorin shouted louder as he continued walking with the dwarves following. I was on the verge of tears but my dad would kill me if I didn't stay with them.


  Aquilia's P.O.V

   The orcs had spread themselves out throughout the woods. It was too dangerous for me to seek help. I grabbed onto the rocks above me and pulled myself up. I looked just above the rock. There was the Great Orc. I almost let out a scream as I dropped myself down into the dirt. Suddenly I heard footsteps coming towards me. "Master Orc. We have searched the entire wood. There is nothing to be found." He said. "Impossible!!" The Master Orc shrieked and pushed the orc down into the dirt. I jumped at least an inch into the air.I started to tremble like crazy. I held my breath. "Don't turn around. Don't turn around." I pleaded to myself. Luckily, the orc didn't see me. Instead he stood up with his back towards me and turned to make eye contact with the Master Orc, who was standing up on the ledge above me. The orc climbed up onto the ledge and didn't come back down. "GO BACK OUT AND SEARCH!!!! WE ARE NOT LEAVING UNTIL WE FIND THE GIRL!!!!" Growled the Master Orc. My eyes welled up with tears. "I'm not going to make it out alive." I said to myself as I drained the sorrow from my body and wrapped my wings around myself so I would dissolve in my own fear and terror. I held my stomach. I felt sick and I was getting weaker and weaker. God it sucked to be human sometimes. I leaned against the rock and quietly cried. I felt something warm running down my hand. Of course it was blood. What else would it be? Fairies coming to tell me everything would be alright and that help was on the way. I just knew it. No one was going to come back for me. I was a weakling. A weakling that everyone knew. 

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