The Hobbit (A Legolas fan fiction)

Aquilia is an ordinary girl who has been on her own since she was a very young girl. Her parents died in a battle when she was very young. She has no siblings. She left her home after years of training to see what the world was like outside her home. Shortly into here journey, she meets Legolas and the dwarves later on. The two of them get along very well, until someone decides to split them up while the two and the dwarves are on a journey. Will life ever get back to normal?


24. Back Off


     Legolas's P.O.V (continued)

        I spoke up. "Sorry to interrupt, but could I talk to you for a minute Kili?" I asked. Kili gave me a strange look and looked around at the other dwarves. "Umm, yeah sure!" He said, giving me a confused look, he rose from the ground and we walked down the path, where the others couldn't hear. "I know why your giving Aquilia those looks and it has to stop." I said. "What looks?" Kili asked. "Look, I'm trying to be nice. I know you like Aquilia, but I love her and she loves me. I would appreciate it if you could accept that and keep your distance from her." I said. "And what if I don't?" Kili asked, determiningly, "Then you and I are going to have a problem." I said, stepping up closer to him. "Whoa, Legolas. Calm your arrows buddy. All I'm trying to do is be friendly with Aquilia. We're friends, okay? I'm just trying to give her an easy shoulder, ya know?" He said as if this was all a joke. "You wanna start with me?" I asked, getting up in his face. For a dwarf, he really knew how to push an elfs buttons. 

       "I'm not trying to start anything." Kili answered, as if this didn't bother him at all. "Why can't you just accept that Aquilia and I are together?" I asked. "Because firstly, I don't want to, and secondly, I don't take answers from elves." Kili said. He turned to leave and there Thorin was. 

        "What's going on with you two?" Thorin asked. Kili shook his head. "Nothing Thorin. Legolas just doesn't know how to stay cool about certain things." He said. He looked back at me, giving me a glare and went to join everyone. Thorin watched him for a bit and then turned to me. "I thought there wasn't to be any fighting." He said, walking up to me. "That's what I thought too, but Kili just doesn't understand that Aquilia and I are together and he needs to stop flirting with her. I saw from day 1 that he liked her." I said. A look of confusion spread itself over Thorin's face as he looked from Aquilia to Kili. "Kili likes Aquilia?" He asked. "Yup. I've been trying to tell him from day 1 to stop, but all he did was laugh at me because apparently he doesn't take orders from elves." I said. "Kili isn't the greatest when it comes to these things. He thinks he can just flirt with any woman that crosses his path, not caring if they are already taken or not. I'll talk to him. He should know better." Thorin said. I nodded. "Thank you. I appreciate it." I said and we walked back to the camp.


    Aquilia's P.O.V

      We sat at the fire, not really talking much. I was trying to figure out what was going on with Kili and Legolas. I  thought they would get along fine, but something was bugging them, especially Legolas. I hear the crunching of leaves and look up to see Kili walking back to the camp. He gives me a flirtatious grin and I give a little smirk. "Your mine." He mouths, an evil grin spreading itself across his mouth. All I can do is quietly laugh at Kili. He was pretty handsome and funny, but I still prefered Legolas. It was only fair and he was my type too. Good looking, tall, muscular, friendly, funny, protective, so yeah, I think that was a pretty good match. Oh and! He is such a great kisser too. That may sound weird to you but it's true! The way his lips just slightly brush over your skin is so romantic, and with the warmth that radiates off of him, it's like devouring yourself in chocolate during Christmas. Kili and I continue to make eye contact when I look back over to see Legolas returning to the camp. I straighten up as he sits next to me and wraps his arm around my waist. "Is something wrong?" I ask as he cuddles up next to me. "Nope. I just wanted Kili's help with some sword dynamics that I've been having difficulty with. I knew Kili knew it well so I asked him to help." He said. "Well, alright. Just as long as you and Kili aren't fighting. You got off with a pretty rough start. Let's hope that doesn't continue." I say. I look up at Kili and see that he's paying no attention to anybody. I look around at everyone else and they all seem to be happy. I look at Legolas and see him staring at the ground. I glance back and forth between the two and sense something isn't right. I know Legolas is hiding something, otherwise, he wouldn't be staring at the ground. Same goes for Kili, he's usually really upbeat, but tonight, he just looks pissed off. I sit there for a few minutes, glancing back and forth between Legolas and Kili when Thorin speaks up. "Alright everyone, get some rest. We get up nice and early tomorrow to continue our journey." He says. I get up with Legolas at my side and  we isolate ourselves from the dwarves. We lay down, me snuggling into Legolas's body which is always warm. He kisses the top of my head and wraps his muscular arms around me. "You know, the first thing I said to myself about you when I found you, was how awful it would be to leave someone who is so beautiful, to lay where you were lying, and die. You stole my heart the minute you turned to me after I walked into the bedroom to make sure you were okay. I have waited for so long to find the perfect person for me to cross my path, but she never came, until I met you." He said. I felt myself turn fifty shades of red. "Ever since I was a little girl, I had always thought about what kind of guy I would fall in love with. I would always wonder what he would look like. Tall, muscular, perhaps. Definitely good looking. I wondered when I would ever meet such a person, but when I saw you for the first time, my heart just melted right there." I said, looking into Legolas's icy blue eyes. "You've completed my life. That's all I've been asking for, and you did it without knowing that that's all I've been looking for for all these years." I said. I was getting teary eyed and so was Legolas. 

       "I won't be going anywhere for a long time. Don't you worry. I will be by your side every second. Whenever and wherever you need me, I'll be there." He said. I pressed my lips to his and held myself there for a long time. I felt like I was receiving a message in a way no one else could. I pulled back and looked back into his eyes, we both let out a quiet laugh and fell asleep. 

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