The Hobbit (A Legolas fan fiction)

Aquilia is an ordinary girl who has been on her own since she was a very young girl. Her parents died in a battle when she was very young. She has no siblings. She left her home after years of training to see what the world was like outside her home. Shortly into here journey, she meets Legolas and the dwarves later on. The two of them get along very well, until someone decides to split them up while the two and the dwarves are on a journey. Will life ever get back to normal?


25. At the Strike of Twelve


     Aquilia's P.O.V

        I woke myself up suddenly. I glanced at Legolas. He was still laying in the same position he was in when we went to bed. He looked so peaceful. His breathing was in sync and at the odd time, his eyes would move under his eyelids, as if he was examining my facial features from underneath. Out of nowhere, a crackling sound echoed through the forest, as if someone was watching us. I looked all around from where I was but saw nothing. It came again, this time from behind me. I looked behind me. No one was there. I pulled Legolas's heavy arm off from my waist and slowly got up, so as to not wake him. I pulled a knife from my bag and started to slowly walk towards the noise. "Who's there?" I called out in a low whisper. Crackling came from behind me and I spun around, my heart now racing, as if it was going to explode any second. It was just Legolas turning his body. I turned my head back to where the noise came from. Step by step, I made my way through the branches and bushes, trying to stay close with Legolas. I stood there for a moment, the sound came again, and this time it sounded as if it was right at my feet. I spoke again. "I said. Who's there."

       I stood listening and, again, nothing happened. I continued to walk when the noise came. This time, it didn't stop, it came closer and closer. I drew my arm back, getting ready to defend myself when they came out of the brush. It was Kili. "Whoa whoa whoa! Easy there babe! It's just me, Kili!" He said with his hands outstretched towards me. "You idiot. Don't scare me like that." I said as I put my blades away in frustration. "I didn't mean to scare you. I just couldn't see anything, that's all." He said. He took a glance behind me and gave me a smirk of patheticness. He chucked and shook his head. "Your still with him?" He asked. I shot Kili a confused look as I glanced back at Legolas. "Yes. Do you have some kind of problem with that?" I asked. "No, I just don't know what you see in him." Kili said. "He saved my life, Kili! If he never found me, I would have been dead long ago!" I hissed at Kili. "There's no need to get all mad. I'm just saying." Kili said. "Well I don't care. I am unimaginably lucky to have finally found someone I can be with ever since I left my home. I was always alone at home. Everyone left me to do everything myself. I was 5 years old when I started to do things on my own because of not having any parents. I had no siblings to look after me and all my other relatives basically ignored me. Now, when you wonder what it is I see in Legolas, that answer, is someone I always needed but never had at my side. He keeps me close to his side every second. I am unimaginably lucky to be with Legolas, and if it wasn't for him, my life wouldn't even be close to this." I said. Kili just stares at me for what seems like an eternity and then his gaze goes to the ground. "Sorry." He says. "It's alright. I'm sorry for lashing out at you, I've just gotten used to being hard on myself for so long that I take it out on others too." I say. Kili just gives a nod and looks back at Legolas. "I better get back to bed. See you later." He says. I nod and go lay down with Legolas. He must have been awake because he lifts his arm and snakes it around my waist, pulling me to him.


       Kili's P.O.V

     I walk back to Fili, feeling bad for Aquilia. I didn't expect her to be this moody, but I guess I deserved it with the way I took the whole thing. It was the middle of the night too, so of course she's gonna be extremely tired. Fili looks up at me and gives me a dissatisfying look. "It didn't go well, did it?" He asked. I lay down with him and take a deep breath. "No." I start. "I think she's just still upset about her past, that's all" I say. Fili slams his hand down on my shoulder and shakes me. "She just needs some time to forget about everything that happened." He says. I nod and we both lay down. I was happy for Aquilia and Legolas. Aquilia got what she's always wanted and Legolas get's to spend the rest of this life with the girl he loves. I finally felt like a vandalizer. I didn't mean it, I just wanted to have some fun with Aquilia. 


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