The Hobbit (A Legolas fan fiction)

Aquilia is an ordinary girl who has been on her own since she was a very young girl. Her parents died in a battle when she was very young. She has no siblings. She left her home after years of training to see what the world was like outside her home. Shortly into here journey, she meets Legolas and the dwarves later on. The two of them get along very well, until someone decides to split them up while the two and the dwarves are on a journey. Will life ever get back to normal?


1. A Safe Haven


   Aquilia's P.O.V

       It was a beautiful afternoon. The bright yellow sun cast a bright, warming shine down on the land around me. A cool gentle breeze blew through the air, causing the trees and grass to slowly dance. Every part of the sky I looked up at was cloudless and a brilliant blue. The sweet smell of grass hung heavily in the air. I took my horse Abigail with me out to the woods to look for food and water and, if needed, help me get away from orcs. I was cooking a few squirrels when suddenly I heard the shriek of an orc. I immediately stop what I am doing and shoot my head up. I quiet my breathing as I slowly stand and straighten up. I feet myself start to tremble with fear as I scan my surroundings carefully for anything. Suddenly the shriek came again. I blow out the cooking fire and stand back up. I slowly pick up my bag and silently walked over to Abigail. I jumped on and get her to slowly turn around. I stare into the woods. "AAHHHH!!!" The orc master suddenly bursts through the bushes and growles at me while raising an arm equipped with an axe behind his head. He had his army right on his tail. My eyes immediately went wide. "RUN ABIGAIL!!! RUN!!!" I screamed as Abby spun around and got into a full gallop.

I kept looking back, making sure to dodge the attacks. We ran out of the woods and through the grass. "C'mon c'mon!!!" I pleaded anxiously to myself. We spent at least 20 minutes running. I guided Abby into a thin passage in the rock. I took a risk and made a sharp right turn. Bad idea. I got violently thrown off. I fell and continued falling for what seemed like ages until I crashed through a tree and finally landed on my back on the ground. I felt extremely weak. I couldn't move my arms or my legs. My vision blurred and my head throbbed as I heard footsteps coming towards me. "H-help m-me." I wanted to speak but I didn't have the strength. I lay there for a few moments, unable to move. I could hear someone walking over to me but couldn't figure out who it was. The last thing I saw before everything goes black is a shadowy figure bending down next to me.


    Legolas's P.O.V

      I was walking through the grass with my horse Amadeus, and taking in the beautiful scenery. The bright yellow sun cast a bright, warming glow upon the land. A cool, gentle breeze blew through the air, causing the trees and grass to slowly sway back and forth. I took a deep breath. Inhaling the sweetness of the afternoon air. My long blond hair danced around in the wind. The sky was cloudless and just as blue as my eyes. Maybe even a deeper blue. Suddenly I hear a loud SNAP.

I jumped off Amadeus. "Stay here." I say and turn around in the direction the sound came from. "WHO'S THERE?!!" I shout. Nothing. I slowly get out my bow and an arrow and raise it as I slowly walk through a thin walkway. The walkway is extremely thin, causing me to turn my body at times to get through. I continue looking around until I spot a limp body laying down, motionless. I put away my bow and arrow and quickly approach the body. The girl's eyes were closed. She had cuts all over her body and a bad gash on her leg. Her clothes were badly torn and, lying around her, were broken tree branches. I looked up at the tree and was able to see where she hit. I pulled my hair back and leaned down as I put my ear to her mouth to listen for breathing. Luckily she was breathing, but it was very faint. I looked around to see if there was anything of her's lying around so she wouldn't wake up and later find out she didn't have her stuff. I found a leather bag with knives all scattered around it. I quickly picked them up and put them in the bag. I swung it over my shoulder and then carefully picked the girl up. Her weight was quite heavy but I could manage. I walked out and over to Amadeus. I lifted the girl onto Amadeus and climbed up. I held the girl in my arms and got a hold of the reins attached to him. "Let's go." I said and got Amadeus into a gallop.

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