Being his sister

I was Maya Toms, an average girl, with a normal life. I had a family (okay, not the best but...) friends, and an 18 years old boyfriend. His name was Joey and he was a real bad boy, but so kind and sweet to me! My best friend was Rachel Anderson, and is still, she was the prettiest girl in all the school. A day, it changed, when the cops told me I was Maya Tomlinson. Let me tell you what the heck happened…


14. School

~~~~***Another two months later***


The guys told me they had to talk to me. They looked serious, so I was really stressed about everything, and it wasn’t only because of my pregnancy.


Harry: Maya, babe… I know you won’t be happy and all, but you really need to understand.
Me: Yeah. Okay, now I’m really stressed. So talk before I wet myself.
Niall: You haven’t finish high school yet, do you?
Me: No.
Louis: Maya, you’ll finish your senior year of high school this year, and we’ll leave for our tour just after your graduation. You start tomorrow.
Me: Pregnant? School? NO WAY! Everybody will just bully me! Not that I care, but it won’t be easy either!
Liam: You need to learn if you want to live a real life. Knowledge is important Maya.
Zayn: I totally agree.
Me: Yeah, but I don’t!
Harry: babe, I know you don’t want to go back to school, but we already paid and all the stuff, so you don’t have a choice hun. Anyways, it’s musical school, so stop complaining about it. I know you love to sing, so you’re in the singing program. We’ll wait for you every day, and after school, we’ll go out. And baby, it’s just for three months!
Me: Harry, I’m not sure you realise that our baby is due IN three months! And that I’m a fucking fat ass now that I’m about five month prego…!
Louis: You’ll be alright Maya. Now go to sleep, school tomorrow for you sis! And Rachel can’t come with you. She has modelling all week, sorry.


I groaned and got up slowly. WHY SCHOOL? WHY?

The next morning, I groaned as my alarm woke me up. I got up and got dressed in pregnant women’s clothes. It was great though, I loved my new clothes for fat asses. I didn’t look especially skinnier in it, but, yeah, I’m pregnant. And I’m quite proud to show my round belly. I brushed my teeth and my hair. I put my hair in a messy bun and got down stairs.


Harry: Hey babes! So how are my Queens today?
Me: Well, Rose didn’t stop moving, but you can say I slept well.
Him: Good cause, you’re going to SCHOOL!
Me: Yeah, now give my blackberries and shut up.
Him: *cough* Pregnant *cough* *cough*
Me: What was that? Do you want blackberries all over your shirt?
Him: Nope
Me: Then shut up.


I laughed and we talked a little bit and after breakfast, he drove me to school.
I wanna die.


Him: Have a great day babies!


He kissed my belly and my cheeks. I got out of the car, but didn’t close the door.


Me: Have a good day too babe, and have fun, but not too much. Not without me. I love you!
Him: Yeah, you too! And I love you more!
Me: Nope! We’re two in that body, that means two hearts, and more place to love you! Ahaha, love you Haz!


He pouted and stuck his tongue out at me. I laughed and waved him goodbye. I didn’t notice everybody was looking at us while we were talking, but now, I did. Girls looked jealous and boys laughed at my big belly.
I was proud of it though. I smiled and walked inside the school. It wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t small either. It looked great and lovely.
But… was it really?


A girl: Are you Maya Tomlinson? Dating Harry Styles, and the sister of Louis Tomlinson? The prego girl?
Me: Yeah. You know One direction?
Her: Nope! Just heard it from the girls that are screaming that way.


I laughed. She looked cool




YOOOOO! I'm sorry I didn't update anytime sooner, I was busy, and forgot my password! xD. Anyways, I'm in a really good mood today, maybe because the weather's nice her in Canada! Smells like summmmmmerrrrrr! (5 seconds of summmmmerrrrr) XD!

I luv you guys, and all your comments make my days better and better! There are about 4-5 chapters left, and there won't be a sequel, I think. Well, I'm pretty sure!





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