Being his sister

I was Maya Toms, an average girl, with a normal life. I had a family (okay, not the best but...) friends, and an 18 years old boyfriend. His name was Joey and he was a real bad boy, but so kind and sweet to me! My best friend was Rachel Anderson, and is still, she was the prettiest girl in all the school. A day, it changed, when the cops told me I was Maya Tomlinson. Let me tell you what the heck happened…


5. Rachel is home!!!!!


The next day, I was waiting for Rachel to be here. Harry was freaking annoying! Let me show you our first conversation this morning.


Me: Morning.
Harry: You have a bedhead.
Me: You have a jerk face.
Harry: You are freaking annoying.
Me: I can’t believe I’m gonna live with you! I can’t even stand you a day!
Harry: Same here!
Me: Oh, shut up Styles! You’re such a child!
Harry: You started! You said I had a jerk face! You are getting on my nerves! I am Louis’ best friend! Can you at least try to respect me!
Me: You are acting like a real child! I would LOVE to respect you, but you could try to do the same!
Harry: ARG! I tried to respect you but you are always acting like a bitch around me!
With that he left.


I was waiting outside for Rachel, I was talking with Liam. He was really kind and all. He was already my best guy friend. He talked about my past, his past, his celebrity, his new girlfriend Sophia and my boyfriend Joey. I thought they would be like "Bitch get out the way I’m a pop star!" But no. Well, Harry acted like a complete jerk, but I was able to face it. I think.
Ten minutes later, Niall came and Liam left. I had a talk about him to. He was so funny! I laughed my ass off with him! He was just the kind of friend I like. He would be really cute with Rachel!
Another hour later, Rachel was home. I yelled in joy and went to hug her.

Me: RACH! Oh god!
Her: Missed me?
Me: Of course! Do you realise that we are going to live here together!? And… how’s Joey?!  How was school!?
Her: Wouah… Calm down hun! We’ll talk about it inside. Now, help me with my suitcases!
Me: Wait, I’ll call the boys. LOUIS! NIALLLLLLLL! LIAM! HARRY! ZAYN!
They came in panic, like they thought I was hurt or something. Even Harry looked worried. It was… weird. I laughed at their reactions, along with Rachel.
Louis: What’s going on?!
Me: Could you guys just help us with those suitcases? I heard you guys were strong…

I smiled and mimed a six pack on my stomach. They laughed. But not Harry. He just went inside letting them with us and the suitcases. Rachel gave me the okay-what-just-happened? look. I looked at her meaning, “let’s talk about it inside, in the house”.


Me: Okay, babe… Well, we are going to live at the boys’ flat. We’re staying here for a week, and after, we’ll move in with them. Oh, and Harry doesn’t like me at all. And I don’t like him, so we’re okay.
Her: Okay… And it’s not the same at school! We all miss you. Joey is sad all the time. We hung out a little bit together. He’s missing you like hell. He put your photo everywhere. In his locker, in his bedroom! Everywhere!
Me: You went in his bedroom?
Her: Yeah, I thought you would like to have one of his sweatshirts. So here it is.

She handed me Joey’s favorite sweat. I put it on, it smelled like him. I felt good. But so sad for him not to be here with me…

Rachel : hey hun, let’s go clubbing.
Me: But here at 18 you can’t. It’s over 21 you can.
Rachel: You… Maya the bad ass, care about it?!
Me: Absolutely not. Let’s look like 23 year olds girls. Maybe they’ll not ask for our ID cards. Hey, you want me to ask they guys?
Rachel: yeah, why not.

I went down and asked Louis. He nodded happily. Harry said okay. Liam said okay. Niall and Zayn said they would LLLLOOOOVVVEEE to go.
I got ready. I put skinny jeans and a tank top. I did my makeup, which was really nice. I curled my hair and I was ready. I texted Joey a photo of me and said “I love you and I miss you. I’m going out clubbing with Rach. See ya babe xxxxxxxx” I took my purse and left my room. I hugged mom, who thought we were just gonna go bowling. I hugged the girls and me, Rachel and the guys left.



A little shorter... Sorry! Anyway, 1D and purple cows 4 ever!




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