Being his sister

I was Maya Toms, an average girl, with a normal life. I had a family (okay, not the best but...) friends, and an 18 years old boyfriend. His name was Joey and he was a real bad boy, but so kind and sweet to me! My best friend was Rachel Anderson, and is still, she was the prettiest girl in all the school. A day, it changed, when the cops told me I was Maya Tomlinson. Let me tell you what the heck happened…


4. Louis and... Harry! ARG!


Mom: Sweetie, your sisters are in the living room, they can’t wait to see you.

We walked in the living room, and there were four girls, two little and two teenagers. One looked around 12 and the other maybe 15.

Me: Well, hi, I’m Maya.
Mom: This is Charlotte, AKA Lottie, she’s 14 soon 15. This is Félicité, AKA, Fizzy, she is 12, and this is the twins, Daisy and Phoebe, they are 8 soon 9.
Them: Hello.
Lottie: I’m so happy to have a big sister! You look really nice and you are very beautiful!
Me: You are gorgeous to! All of you are, and I think this is amazing, I have a real family! With sisters and a brother, and a mom who care about me!
Mom: Oh, and sweetie, Louis will be there tomorrow, you know, with his band, he is really busy. He wished he could be here, but he just couldn’t. And he’s sorry.
Me: It’s okay! So, it’s true, THE Louis Tomlinson is my big brother.
Phoebe: Yes! You’ll see, he is the nicer big brother of the world!
Daisy: Even if he’s not home all day!
Me: I can see you guys really love him. He looks pretty nice on TV you know!

They laughed and showed me around. I shared a room with Lottie, and I think it’s cool cause the rooms are too big to be alone in there! We both have a closet, and not the same. Actually it’s a walk-in closet. Lottie, Fizzy and I were already talking about going to the mall. Hey, no judgements, I’m a girl and girls are always going shopping. 



The girls and I were at the mall, Lottie and Fizzy were amazingly nice. Some Directioners came to ask photo with Lottie and Fizzy, and most of them asked who I was. My sisters told me not to answer, so, I just didn’t. We went at Claire’s, Forever 21 and of course at McDonalds, the best coffee, it’s there you’ll have it! And the ice cream was pretty good, of course!


I was eating and talking with Lottie when five AMAZING guys came in.

Lottie: LOUIS!!! Hey guys, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam.

She ran to hugged Louis. I was shocked and looked at him with widened eyes. He smirked at me, and came hugging me.

Louis: Well, hi Maya… I’m Louis, your brother… I think you know me a little, I heard you were a fan, so… Yeah,
Me: Well, not anymore
Louis: Why?
Me: You know, I still LOVE 1D, but not with the same eyes… You know?
Harry: Okay… it doesn’t make any sense…
Me: Hey, yes it does!
Harry: Or not…
Me: YES!
Him: NO!
Me: Hey! And he started
Harry: Not even true! Liar
Me: You call me a liar!? You’re a real bitch!
Him: It takes a bitch to find a bitch! BITCH
Me: Oh, shut up Styles!
Louis: Okay, guys, that’s enough
Liam: They already hate each other, and it’s been what? Ten minutes? Five? God… but Lou, your sister is LOVELY!
Me: Was that sarcastic? Cause you know, I’m not really in the mood…
Louis: Let’s go and walk just my new sister and I, okay?
Me: Yep!!

We walked down the road.

Me: Louis, why is Harry acting like that? I mean…
Louis: Maya, he’s just… Himself? You’ll get used to it.  Just try to be nice. Okay? And I’m sorry for your “parents” and friends… and maybe boyfriend.
Me: Yeah, thanks.
Louis: Please, sis… I think you could tell one of your FRIENDS, NOT boyfriend, she could come here and live here with you. Cause, I think you need a friend here. It needs to be a girl. Oh, and Mom and I were okay on one point. You and you’re friend are going to live with us five in our house in London. Is it okay with you?
Me: YES!!! Thank you Louis! OMFG! I love you so much!
And I ran inside to call Rachel.



Chapter 4!!

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