Being his sister

I was Maya Toms, an average girl, with a normal life. I had a family (okay, not the best but...) friends, and an 18 years old boyfriend. His name was Joey and he was a real bad boy, but so kind and sweet to me! My best friend was Rachel Anderson, and is still, she was the prettiest girl in all the school. A day, it changed, when the cops told me I was Maya Tomlinson. Let me tell you what the heck happened…


10. Interview


I woke up the next morning at the sun flashing on my face. I immediately felt sick. I ran to the bathroom and throw up. Pregnancy sign… Harry ran to me and made circles on my back, whispering “Shuuuuuut, it’s okay love.” I threw up a good 10 minutes.

Me: Harry? We don’t have any boys’ name…
Harry: Baby, today we have an interview, and we thought it was a good day for you to come with us… But if you don’t feel better, you’ll not come. In two hours, we’re leaving in 10 minutes.
Me: I’ll come with you guys! I’m already better!

I yelled happily and jumped up. I almost fell, but Harry caught me. I just smiled and blushed a little when he kissed my nose. I walked out of the bathroom and put some skinny jeans and a cool blue t-shirt that says “Admit it, life would be sooo boring without me!” I did a pony tail and didn’t put on some makeup, since Lou is gonna do my hair and makeup.


I wore a simple black dress with high heels. Lou curled my hair perfectly and I had some mascara and eyeliner. I never put on A LOT of makeup on, since I don’t feel myself with too much makeup.
The boys walked on the stage and then Harry said there was a special guess, and that was my turn to go on. It was a live show.

Interviewer: So… I think this is our special guess! What’s your name love?
Me: I’m Maya… Tomlinson.
Interviewer: Like in LOUIS TOMLINSON?
Louis: Yeah. We discovered I had a sister that had been adopted when she was born. And here she is, my little sister!

He hugged me and I sat on in laps. I kissed him on the cheek and he did the same with mine.

Harry: I know it’s shocking and all, but that’s not all… She’s also my girlfriend.

Some fans booed me and I felt uncomfortable. I should have known they were gonna react like that. But it was normal. I was totally in love with Zayn before, and when he started dating Perrie, I was heartbroken. But I quickly got over it. And now, I’m in love with “Zerrie”!

Interviewer: That’s… a lot of news at the same time! Well, well! She’s really pretty! We’re all really happy for you two! You’re surely cute together! Bu what will happen when you guys will come on tour?
Zayn: She’ll come with us. If she doesn’t, well, I’m not going!

I blushed. Zayn was officially my new best guy friend! Some fans said “Owww!” And I blushed a little more. Harry took me off of Louis’ laps and pulled me on his. He kissed my cheeks and whispered:

Harry: You’re adorable when you blush, babe!
Me: And you are adorable all the time.

The interviewer asked a couple more questions, and I had a lot of fun with them. At the end, we left, and some fans we’re staying for meets and greets. Rachel was waiting for me back stage.

Rachel: You were perfect sista!
Me: Thanks babe! Now, let’s go see the boys at the meets and greets!

We left and walked to see them. Some fans said I was just a random slut, bitch, whore, hoe, worthless peace of shit. It actually made me laugh. They were so jealous of my luck! I heard someone call me a “stupid fat ugly worthless platypus” and it made me laugh my ass off. Seriously? A platypus!? Ahahah! It’s… Original? Yeah, defiantly!

The boys were singing autographs to girls and I sat between Harry and Louis. Some girls said they thought I was beautiful and that they were happy for us. I signed autographs too. I was surprised, but happy to do it. When the last girl came up  I noticed she looked really nice. I started to talk with her. Her name was Erika. She was one of nicest person I have ever met, except Rachel. We exchanged numbers and then she left.

After, we all left home. The first thing I did was going in the kitchen and I took some blueberries. I think it will be the only I’ll eat while my pregnancy. Harry stole one of my blueberries and he put it his mouth.

Me: You! Little curly haired bitch! You didn’t just steel the blueberries of your pregnant girlfriend!? That’s the bigger mistake you’ve ever done babe!

I threw some blueberries at him. He was yelling like a little girl and running in the kitchen. He was soon full of blueberries.

Me: That’s what you get for messing with the Pregnant Women.

I did a superhero pose and he laughed.

Him: MY T-SHIRT! IT’S ALL DIRTY! IT WAS MY FAVORITE! And now, it’ll have to go in the garbage.

He took off his shirt and I started at his 6 packs. He was HOT!

Him: Like what you see?
Me: Of course I do!
Him: That’s not fair! I’m shirtless, but you’re not!

He took off my shirt, and you know what happened next.



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