Being his sister

I was Maya Toms, an average girl, with a normal life. I had a family (okay, not the best but...) friends, and an 18 years old boyfriend. His name was Joey and he was a real bad boy, but so kind and sweet to me! My best friend was Rachel Anderson, and is still, she was the prettiest girl in all the school. A day, it changed, when the cops told me I was Maya Tomlinson. Let me tell you what the heck happened…


2. A Tomlinson? Okay...


Me: Is it a joke or what!
Cop: Miss, please, leave. There is a dangerous person in this house.
Me: Who? It’s my house! Who’s dangerous!? Mom? Dad? WHO!?
Joey: Babe, calm down a bit, it’s okay.
Cop: Andrew Toms is your father?
Me: YEAH! He is! Why? Is my dad dangerous? Where is my mom?
Cop : Miss, calm down please. I’m sorry, but Andrew and Lisa Toms don’t have any kids. They are criminals. Actually, Lisa was a prostitute and Andrew was a drug dealer. Sorry, but Andrew just killed Lisa. He is going to get arrested. Please, now leave Miss.

What… I felt my body fell on the ground, and my vision was blurry. I felt two strong arms putting me up, and carrying me bridal style. I knew it was Joey. I think I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up in a place I knew, but just a little. I knew it was Joey’s room. I heard yelling, and it was Joey’s father asking why the hell I was here.

Joey’s dad: Joey! This is just a slut and you don’t even care about her!
Joey: I do care about her! She is the only person who is able to make me smile and laugh. She is the first person who does care about me. I love her dad! The kind of love you will never feel for anybody! I love her with all my heart and I want to live the rest of my life with her.

I want that too. Joey is the love of my life! I was almost crying, what he said was so sweet. But then, I heard a weird noise. I knew Joey’s dad just punched him. I was now really, really mad. Joey was now officially fighting with his dad. I ran down the stairs and saw two mans who were making sure that Joey couldn’t move. His father was beating the shit out of him. I accidently screamed. Joey turned to face me.

Joey: Run Maya! Leave babe! RUN!!!!

I felt two strong arms around my waist and turned around to see another teenager, who looked a lot like Joey.

Guy: Hi beautiful… I’m Tommy, Joey’s twin.

Joey never told me he had a twin. Okay, that was a lot to take.
I tried to screamed, but I felt Tommy’s lips on mine. It was disgusting. I slapped him across the face and punched his nose, then, kicked his balls.  I turned around and saw Joey beating up the two guys. Soon, they were K.O. He turned around to face his dad, I saw Joey’s dad holding a knife in his back.
Me: Joey! He has a knife!

Joey’s dad didn’t try to kill him; he turned around to face me.
Him: She is not bad, Joey, not bad at all! We could possibly have fun together…
Me: Never in your wildest dreams!

I saw Joey kicked his dad’s back, who fell on the ground. He yelled in pain. I saw a phone and dialed 911. I explained our problem quickly and gave them Joey’s address. They were still fighting. I was freaking out! Completely freaking out! Five minutes had passed and they were still fighting. I then heard the cops and the first thing I knew, Joey’s dad had been officially arrested.

Joey: Maya! Are you okay!? They didn’t hurt you?! Are you alright!? I’m so sorry babe!
Me: Joey, its fine. They are gone, they’re in jail.
We hugged and kissed, then hugged and kissed again. But too soon, two cops were looking at me.
Cop 1: So, you are the girl who said she was Lisa and Andrew’s daughter, right? Your name is Maya?
Me: Yes.
Cop 2: We just learned something, Miss Maya. 18 years ago, when they were 14, they were the same has now, drug dealer and prostitute. They kinda kidnapped a baby. I think you’re that baby. And if you are, your name is Maya Tomlinson.
Me: Yeah! Sure, and I’m Santa!
Cop 1: Just to make sure, would you do a blood test?
Me: Okay, but Joey is coming with us.
Cup 2: Why not. Follow us now.

We followed them at the Hospital for the blood test. They took a little blood out of me, and went to see if I was Maya Tomlinson.

Me: Joey, if I’m Maya Tomlinson, would you still love me?
Joey: Babe! I don’t give a shit if you’re Maya Toms or Maya Tomlinson! You are my Maya, the Maya I love. But hey, Tomlinson, I heard that before!
Me: Wow! Louis in One direction… His name is Louis Tomlinson! Maybe he’s my brother! OMG! You know how much I love them!
Joey: Maya, babe! We’re not even sure if…

A doctor cut him off when he walked in the waiting room with sheets in his hands. He looked happy.

Him: Maya, you are officially Maya Tomlinson. And we called your family, the Tomlinson, you’re going in Doncaster to go live with them. You’re leaving in a week.
Me: What!? No… I mean, Joey! I can’t leave you here. You’re coming, or I don’t go.
Joey: Babe, I love you, okay? But this is a family! You have the chance to have what I never got! You need to go sweetie. I’m not letting you stay here, in this hell, just to be with me. I’m not worth it. Go in Doncaster, go live a happy life with your family. Take care of them and have a beautiful life. I love you Maya, and I always will.

Then he kissed me passionately and left. I was crying. My whole world was falling apart. First, my parents kinda both died, they were criminals and they kidnapped me. We were not that close, but still, I remember us three having the best parties ever, that was good memories. I remember our summer trip, just us. I loved them. Both. I thought they loved me. Both. I was wrong.
Then, there is that kidnapping thing! What the heck!? Seriously? It seemed like am a Tomlinson. What the heck?
And after all, Joey just broke up with me, I think... He left me all alone. Alone in the hell. I was worthless.



Hey guys! Here is chapter two! You wrote all of the story, so I'll update everything today. I love purple cows 4 ever!!!! Yeah... 4 EVER!!! 1D too though... bebye

Ps: My first language is French, so I do a lot of mistakes... I'm really sorry. But you know the fan fictions in French are not really realistic (well, less cause a fanfic is no really realist...) cause the guys don't even speak French (well not thatmuch ;))

Bye xxxxxxxx




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