How He Saved Them


2. Their Life, Before You Lift The Veil

"Rachel!" Mom yelled. "Yes, mam?" I called. "Come down here, Mere wants to see you!"

Mere, or Meredith, is one of my sisters, she is the younger one.

"Yes, coming!" I ran down the stairs of our 2 story house and ran into my younger brother, Alex. "Watch it" he said. "No need to be sassy!" I giggled. We both laughed and he went upstairs while I went to see what Mere wanted. On the way, I also ran into my mother.

My Mom is a red-haired sweetheart. She always is smiling.

She smiled and said, "Mere is in the living room!" and that's where I went.

I walked in to see my older (only by 2 minutes!) twin sister, Meaghan. She looked irritated. "Rachel, since it's Christmas Eve, don't you think we should watch "A Christmas Carol" ?"


Sorry, that's all for chapter one! I'll add more later, I'm having some technical difficulties!

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