Anywhere but here (Punk Harry Styles) *ON HOLD*


5. chapter 5

I giggled and pecked his lips. "Skylar can we talk to you for a moment?" Nate yelled from the livingroom. "Wait here." I told Harry before pecking his lips and jumping of the kitchen counter. "Yeah?" I asked as I walked in. "Please tell us you're joking." Nate said. "What about?" I asked confused. "You can't possibly be dating someone like him." He said and my heart dropped. "He scares me." Anne said. "I like his hair." Mike said smiling, causing me to smile. "You are breaking up with him." My dad said sternly. "No." I said raising my voice. "Skylar." My mother warned but I didn't care.

"You do not have the fucking right to tell me who I can and can't date! You don't give a shit about me and if I died right now you wouldn't even notice! I've been in a depression since I was 13 years old and the only reason I'm starting to get over anorexia is because of Harry! He makes me happy and I don't give a fuck what you think!" I yelled loudly. Mike started crying, Anne looked at her phone and Nate stood there dazzled. "What happened to my sweet little girl? Why do you let him ruin you!" My mother yelled back. "I never was your sweet little girl but you were never home so you never knew!" I yelled and Harry silently walked into the livingroom. "I will not allow you two dating." My dad said sternly, giving Harry a look of disgust.

"You have no right to say or look at him like that! I'm still keeping your secret dad if anyone is far from perfect it's you!" I yelled and Harry hugged my tight. "Babe calm down." He said soothingly. "Deep breaths." He whispered. "Harry I love you." I whispered. "I love you too, Skylar." He whispered as he rubbed my back. "I want him out of this house right now." My father snapped. I was about to yell at him again. "It's fine babe." Harry whispered. "I'm sorry for being a bother, sir, ma'am." He said before slowly walking away. Tears streamed down my face. "I hate you." I yelled before running up the stairs and locking the door behind me. I let my head fall into my pillow and cried until I heard soft knocks on my window. I looked over at it and saw Harry, smiling at me. I opened up my window, allowing him to come in. 

"How much do you love me?" He asked me softly. "More than anything." I whispered back. He kissed me passionately and rough. His hands travelled down to my thighs, causing me to jump and wrap my legs around him. The kiss got more heated by the second and before I knew it Harry put my down and looked me in the eyes deeply. "Run away with me." He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I bit my lip unsure and he saw my hesitation. "I know this sounds crazy... but don't you see what you do to me?" He said and I nodded. He smiled widely and hugged me tight. I got one large bag and filled it with shoes and clothes. I took my wallet and phone, I took everything I needed. I left a note and unlocked my door softly. Me and Harry climbed out of my window and got into his car. He grabbed all the stuff he needed and he also left a note, in case his sister or mum would come over. He kissed me passionately and we walked over to his car. We hopped in and Harry started driving. Harry stopped at a gass station, filled the tank and got us snacks before getting back into the car. "So where are we going?" I asked him and he smirked.

"Anywhere but here." He told me before hitting the gass and speeding off to wherever.

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