Anywhere but here (Punk Harry Styles) *ON HOLD*


18. chapter 18

Harry stormed out of the room and into his own, slamming the door behind him. I sighed and looked down at my hands. "He's drunk, Skylar. He doesn't mean anything." Liam said and I slowly nodded. "Just go to bed love, we'll talk to him in the morning." Louis said smiling sweetly and I nodded, getting up to go to my room. "What are you doing?" Liam asked. "I'm going to my room.." I said trailing off and leaving the room. 

I crawled into bed, cuddling upto my blanket but still feeling cold. The only thing heard in my quiet room the sound of my steady breathing,and my steady breathing was the last thing I heard before falling asleep. 


I left my room, rubbing my tired eyes. I heard the snores coming from Harry's room even though it was near one. I walked downstairs, walking through the livingroom, towards the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen the boys looked at me wide eyed. I just rolled my eyes at them. "It's not like y'all have never seen a bra before." I groaned due to my headache I got from staying up to late. They continued to stare as I grabbed a glass, filled it with water and swallowed two pills to help my headache. I filled the glass with water again, together with two pills, knowing Harry would be hungover. I walked up the stairs and entered Harry's room, putting the water and pain killers on his night stand while I sat down in the soft and comfortable brown chair in front of the bed. 

I watched him sleep. He looked peacefull and sweet if you ignored the tattoo's and piercings he'd look like an adorable sweetheart. His curls were messy and all over the place as his mouth parted slightly. He coughed lightly before stirring a little and rubbing his eyes while sitting up. He opened his eyes fully and eyed me up and down. He groaned and put his hands to his temples, rubbing them. I pointed at the nightstand and he quickly grabbed the pills. "Thanks." He said in his rough morning voice. I just shrugged and continued to watch him as he ran a hand through his hair. "I like it when you're in you're bra and sweatpants." He said smirking. I looked at him coldly. 

"You're unbelieveble, Harry." I stated expressionless. He looked down and sighed. "Do you remember anything that happened yesterday?" I asked and he scratched the back of his neck, looking up at me again. "I only remember you leaving with Liam after what happened at my mother's house.." He said softly. "I figured since you were probably to drunk to remember anything else." I snapped at him. "Baby you've never been like this." He said standing up from the bed and walking over to me. I got off of the chair and walked towards the window, staring at the woods. "Babe..." Harry whispered. "I can't believe you thought I didn't love you, Harry." I said shaking my head. "I was drunk, baby I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything." He said, his voice sounded as if he was begging. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck softly. I ignored him. "You told your best mates you hated them." I said coldly. "Wait what were your exact words again? Oh that's right. 'I fucking hate fucking all of you and I should never have come here. Everything got bad when we came here' Remember now?" I spoke and he stopped kissing my neck, but his lips stayed against my neck. I turned around and our lips floated in the air, almost touching. 

"You really messed up this time, Harold." I whispered before squirming out of his grip and leaving the room without looking back.

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