Anywhere but here (Punk Harry Styles) *ON HOLD*


17. chapter 17

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Liam asked, not taking his eyes off the road. I stared out of the window and sighed. "No..." I whispered and he nodded, placing his hand over mine, which was resting on my knee. "He never meant to scare you, love." Liam told me and I looked confused. How did he know? He wasn't in the house when it happened. "Harry texted me..." He trailed off and I nodded. "I know he didn't but I can't help but feel scared..." I said and he nodded understandingly. "And I understand that. Maybe you should talk it out. I'll stay with you if you want." I smiled slightly. "Thaks Lili." I said and pecked his cheek. He blushed a little and I giggled. "My pleasure babe." He said and I smiled to myself weakly. 


"I'm home!" Liam yelled and soon the other four boys came to us. "Sky what happened, why did Liam have to pick you up? What happened?" They all asked and I looked at Liam, waiting for him to explain. Liam sighed and handed the boys his phone. They read I guess the text Harry had sent Liam and looked at me. "Want me to beat him up?" Zayn asked me half smiling and I giggled a little, shaking my head no. "So what do you wanna do?" Liam asked me and I shrugged. Liam started smiling and looked me in the eye before doing a puppy dog face. "Can we watch Toy Story?" He asked sweetly and I squealed excited. "Yes yes yes c'mon yes." I said pulling him upto my room since the other boys were downstairs and didn't want to watch Toy Story. Me and Liam went to his room and I jumped on the bed while he turned on Toy Story. He layed down next to me and we watched the movie.

A loud bang was heard and my eyes shot open. I groaned in pain and sat up. Yes. I just fell of the bed. Liam shot up and bit his lower lip trying to hold back his laughter. "Are you okay?" He asked in a laughing tone. I stood up and stretched my back before nodding. I layed down next to Liam again, closer this time. I hid my hid in his pillow and we fell asleep again.

Another loud bang. Did I fall from the bed again? I wasn't in pain. Liam shot up and furrowed his eyebrows when he saw I was just as unaware as he was. "I think it came from downstairs." I said and Liam nodded, getting up. I only now noticed he was in just his underwear and burried my head back into the pillow, trying not to stare. "Stay here." Liam said flashing me a smile before walking out of the room. 

"Damn it Harold." I heard Liam's faint voice. "I wanna see her!" Harry yelled, obviously drunk, hearing the way he slurred his words. I sighed and looked at my hand, playing with the blanket. "Harry shut up people are trying to sleep." Liam said harshly. "No I have to see her. Skylar! Skylar!" He yelled my name and I heard a door to one of the boys open. "Shut the fuck up I'm trying to fucking get some fucking sleep!" That was obviously Zayn. Loud foot steps were heard on the stairs, followed by normal ones. "What's wrong?" The sleepy voice that belonged to Niall asked. "I have to see her. I have to see Skylar." Harry slurred. "Harold Edward Styles, you are extremely drunk. Go to bed and you can talk to Skylar in the morning." Louis said harshly. "I have to see her!" Harry yelled and I heard another door open. I heard footsteps enter the room and opened the door only slightly, enough for me to see the boys but not enough for them to see me. "Where is she?!" Harry yelled, getting all up in Liam's face. "Go to bed Harry you'll talk to her tomorrow." Liam said calmly."I said where fucking is she!" Harry yelled punching a wall. "Harry calm down." Liam sighed. "She's in my room." He said and I quickly got back into the bed when the door opened.

"Skylar!" Harry slurred smiling drunk like. "I love you." He -once again-  slurred kissing me all over. "Harry stop." I tried to say harshly but it came out as a scared whisper. "Baby I love you so much." He said again, his hand resting the inside of my thigh. I placed my hands on his chest and tried to push him off. "You're drunk." I said a tear slipping down my face. Harry stopped and looked me straight in the eyes. "Do you love me?" He whispered, sounding more sober now as he cupped my cheek. "Y-yes." I stuttered and he got off of me. "No you don't..." He whispered before unlocking the door and swinging it open.

"It's all your fault!" Harry yelled to his mates who stared at him confused. "Because of you she doesn't love me! I see the way all of you perverts look at her! I know what you're thinking! What did you say to her?! Why did you turn her against me?!" Everyone stared at him as if he was crazy while staying silent. "I fucking hate fucking all of you and I should never have come here! Everything got bad when we came here!" Harry yelled full of anger and hate.

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